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Now, with all the excitement that's been generated by Marvel and Sony's recent announcement that they'll be taking Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's not too surprising that a good few thousand of this week's column inches have been taken up by speculation over who'll be playing the hero.

After all, since it very much seems that Andrew Garfield won't be returning, the question on everyone's lips is very much: who else could play Spider-Man?

Well, alongside the more conventional options (I'm looking at you Logan Lerman and Dylan O'Brien), talented though they are, there might just be a few more outside-the-box choices who'd make for a pretty darned spectacular Spider-Man.

And, as it happens, one of those possible choices has been being linked to the part for the best part of five years. So, here's the big question:

Could Donald Glover Finally Get His Chance to Play Spider-Man?

The talented young actor - and Grammy-nominated rapper - was heavily linked to the role back in 2010, and Sony's apparent reluctance to consider him led to the Twitter campaign .

He'd remain a controversial choice in some quarters - just ask Michael B. Jordan, aka the new Human Torch, about that one - and isn't likely to dominate any betting taking place on the casting, but that doesn't at all mean that he wouldn't be perfect for the role - whether Marvel opted for Peter Parker or the less well-known Miles Morales.

After all...

He's Got the Charisma

Which is very much required for the in-costume half of the hero.

He's Got the Glasses-Wearing Ability

Which is very much required for the out-of-costume half of the hero.

He's Got Serious Geek Cred

Between his impressively nerdy rap lyrics, Community and his stand-up, he's a veritable 18-35 icon.

He's Got Previous Experience

And I don't mean the time he dressed up as Spidey on Community. I'm talking 'he's already voiced a version of Spider-Man on Ultimate Spider-Man' kind of experience.

He's Got Something New to Offer

Aside from the fact that his usual on-screen style is arguably closer to old-school comic-book Spider-Man's swagger than Maguire or Garfield's, he'd also be something pretty special - a cinematic superhero cast based purely on merit, and not on the color of his skin.

He's Got a Point to Prove

After all, there's no better way of proving that you should have been cast years ago - and that a whole bunch of racists who abused you for even being linked to the role were wrong on multiple levels - than by taking the part later on and being awesome in it.

And, best of all...

He's Funny as Hell

And we all know how much hiring funny people has worked for Marvel so far...

He's destined for even bigger things

Glover can be seen next entering the world of male stripping for [Magic Mike XXL](movie:452782) before playing a NASA scientist alongside Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain for Ridley Scott's [The Martian](movie:959366) in November 2015 - and I gotta say, I'm really excited for the adaptation of this nerd-o-gasm survival bestseller by Andy Weir. Glover's star is on the rise and this year it could go stratospheric.

What do you guys reckon, though? Would Glover make a good Spider-Man? Is there someone you'd rather see don the costume? And do you want to see Peter Parker or Miles Morales come to the MCU?


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