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With [Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) finally being released at the cinema this weekend, fans of the book series will finally get to see Ana and Mr Grey leave the pages of a book and come to life on screen.

The Fifty Shades journey has been an extraordinary thing to unfold, with the 'mommy porn' book selling well over 100 million copies worldwide and topping best-sellers lists in many countries.

The book, which became a trilogy in 2012 with sequels Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, originally began life as Twilight fan fiction, with the characters involved being Bella Swan (who became Ana Steele) and Edward Cullen (who became Christian Grey), but the story was so well received on fan fiction forums that the names and details were changed, and it was published as a book.

With Fifty Shades now being a novel in it's own right, it too has spawned thousand and thousands of pieces of fan fiction, and to celebrate the released of the film, I have compiled a small list of some of the best Fifty Shades short story fan fiction for you all, enjoy:

Warning: there are some spoilers for Fifty Shades of Grey!

Another First by KeepSaying

What is it about? This story takes place immediately after the events of Fifty Shades of Grey, but before the events of Fifty Shades Darker, and is from Christian Grey's point of view.

Christian Grey wakes up from a bad dream of his mother being abused when he was a child, his first bad dream since Ana left him. He wanders around the house looking for her, but knowing its futile he pours a glass of wine and questions why he listened to her as she begged to be whipped.

Christian calls his therapist and delays their meeting, but tells him that he plans for fight for Ana, surprising the doctor with his out of character admission. After sending a big bouquet of flowers to Ana, Christian goes to his appointment and discusses getting Ana back, the doctor notes that Ana has been the first exception to Christians rules and approves of his plan.

Christian returns to work and emails Ana again, offering her a ride to her friends gallery opening after remembering that she is now car-less. Smiling he realizes that he's fighting for her, yet another first for Mr Grey.

Choice quote: "'Hello Mr. Grey.' Flynn's assistant greets him politely and he gives her a small smile. She blushes but he doesn't care. The only woman he wants to see blush is Anastasia. But only when she blushes because of him."

You can read the whole thing HERE

Fifty Shades: Happily Ever After - the Final Goodbye by marpuri

What is it about? Christian and Ana have now been married for 65 years, but Ana has been very ill and is in a hospice. Christian is also old and frail but the two are still madly in love.

Christian settles down with his fading wife, who is now no longer the young, supple woman she was when they first met. Christian's body is also similar, with scars from multiple operations and sagging with age, however they lived rich, full lives and their love is still strong.

As the two talk it's clear that the whole Grey family have just left after telling their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Ana, their final goodbyes.

Ana and Christian talk about their family, joke about old times and even discuss the possibility of there being a red room in heaven. Ana asks Christian if he'll date after she's gone, but at 95 years-old even Christian Grey knows his philandering days are over.

The two fall asleep entwined in each others arms, and when Christian wakes up it's clear that Ana has died peacefully in her sleep, he cries and then gently kisses her, and falls back to sleep with her in his arms. The two are found by care aids later in the morning, Christian having died just one hour after Ana.

Choice quote: "'Do you think there'll be a red room in heaven?' 'I'm hoping so!' chuckled Christian stroking Ana's back until the coughing subsided. 'It wouldn't be heaven for us without one, don't you think?'"

You can read the whole thing HERE

This is It by LiveHappy247

What is it about? Taking place just after Ana breaks up with Christian after Fifty Shades of Grey, Kate consoles Ana as she tells her the watered down version of the breakup. To cheer her friend up, Kate decides the two of them will go out clubbing.

The two get dressed to the nines, and have some pre-drinks before swanning into the club ahead of a long line. The club is extremely fancy and the dance floor busy with people, Ana dances closely with Kate's older brother, Ethan, and out of the corner of her eye she notices Christian is there watching her.

Instructing Ethan not to stop dancing and the two take it up a notch bumping a grinding, making Mr Grey more and more jealous. After finishing the dance, Ana goes outside for some fresh air, eager to avoid Mr Grey, however as the door closes she realizes she's alone with a man who has some horrible intentions. Thankfully Christian arrives just in the nick of time, and the man is left on the ground and Ana unharmed.

Choice quote: "Ethan runs his hands up and down, caressing my backside, occasionally giving my ass a squeeze. I playfully tilt my head back, giving him access to my neck, where he kisses more for show than his own pleasure."

You can read the whole thing HERE

Professor Grey by annloveswriting

What is it about? The story tells an alternative story of how Ana and Christian met.

Christians friend and psychologist Dr. Flynn is going out of town and needs someone to take over his business psychology lectures, Mr. Grey begrudgingly does it as a favor.

Ana and Kate soon discover that their lessons will be taken by one of Seattle's hottest single men and are instantly excited at the prospect of having this hottie to stare at for three classes.

The two girls are late to Christian's first class and Ana is forced to sit right up the very front. Intoxicated by his good looks, Ana texts Kate but soon realizes that Christian has seen her and he takes her phone out of her hand, ready to make an example out of her and embarrass her in front of the class, and in the process reads her and Kate's conversation, which he laughs at.

After the class finishes he tells Ana he would give her phone back after the next class and Ana and Kate go to a cafe to discuss what happened. When Ana finally returns to get the phone, Christian makes Ana feel nervous and in a panic she offers to kiss him in return for the phone. Christian takes her up on the offer and she softly kisses him. Christian gives Ana her phone back but tells her he wants another kiss, a proper one and that they only way to get it would be at a dinner. Ana tries to object but he tells her to be ready at 7pm on Friday.

Choice quote: "he smiled at the girl whose phone he was holding. He wouldn't actually mind if she had to pick something up and showed him her ass. And also it wouldn't be that bad if she unbuttoned her blouse, she could even take it off."

You can read the whole thing HERE

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