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Karly Rayner

Fifty Shades of Grey fans have been letting their imaginations run riot in the run up to the erotic movie, and here's the kinkiness that they came up with as a bit of naughty foreplay before you get to the big screen!

Check out some of the steamiest Fifty Shades fan art around.

Blushing Buttocks

Image: Ris-m

Christian ain't happy unless he painted your buttocks fifty shades of pink!

Fuck the Paperwork

Image: Emihshrep

There are much better things to do in the office when you happen to have a boss like Mr. Grey!

Literally Grey

Image: Emihshrep

Christian might be literally grey, but you still would!

Teasing Touches

Image: ChichiArisu

Go on, a little lower...

Please See Me Now!

Image: Lesjeuxsonfaits

Bringing a whole new meaning to smart casual!

Groping in the Dark

Image: PatyKasagi

Why see when you can feel?

Bubbles Meet Boning

Image: Ruffles and Restraints

Bath time suddenly got a lot more appealing...

You're My Lifeline

Image: red-lawliet95

The trusting touch when it finally happened.

Laying the Table

Image: Ruffles and Restraints

Well, I suppose that's one way of doing it...


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