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This was totally driven by fire and ice! Romantic relationships are scattered everywhere in the episode!

Hot and cold as you may say, each character has made unraveling issues from rocky relationships to searching the truth from the past. It's quite surprising that we literally see a little green in Barry's character by just being awkwardly pinning around with his new girl, Linda Park. We cannot blame our superhero for he went through an unrequited love situation. So, It's new and refreshing for Barry to know that someone like Linda would definitely like him romantically. This pair has brought a good dynamic in this episode. I liked how smart Linda Park is especially her sensibility and angst. That instinct girl when you were talking to Iris... perfectly done! Let's see where their relationship takes on as we get to watch new more episodes of them together.

Though I find it ridiculous when Barry just went straight to confront Iris inside the office--same as pursuing his relationship with Linda through eating an incredibly hot pepper making himself naive. Well, hello Barry! That's News Department, everyone's busy writing and reporting news stories. Goofying around is not allowed in there. Do they really actually allow visitors to just come in and out of the office? Unbelievable!

However, we didn't get to see the whole sentiment of Iris. Though, we got an assumption of her jealousy and astonishment of seeing a new side of Barry. But here's a thing, since the table has turned for Iris to deal with her feelings with Barry, she hasn't yet or subconsciously know yet how she really feels for his bestfriend because all her life she loved him as a family and not a guy whom he just met from somewhere and instantly fell in love with. Candice Patton just made Iris' feelings vaguely interpreted by the viewers. I swear! She's good at it! Thumbs up for this girl! I guess, it's a slow burning process for our dear WestAllen. More heartaches to come! For now, just make yourself busy in your Journalism career.

Spoiler Alert: Robbie Amell a.k.a. Firestorm mentioned in the After Show of Stream TV, that in Episode 15, "there's a Barry and Iris' storyline that will shatter your entire universe." Big word is... Shatter. And I don't think this word implies a possible happy romance between these two. I guess, prepare your heart for this.

Let's skip straight to the great part of this episode, Firestorm and the future Barry Allen. There's a lot of intriguing stories in this episode and that includes Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Caitlin Snow. Now this is an epic kind of love story. This is just the start of their story of love and tragedy that I must say it was nicely done in this episode. I'm impeccably rooting for this two though I've read a lot of their history together.

We saw Caitlin very determined and hopeful to get Ronnie back to her and that was amazingly done by Danielle Panabaker. After that steamy kiss with Ronnie (plus Martin Stein inside Ronnie's body) which seemingly awkward when Caitlin mentioned of looking forward to meet Professor Stein in the future. Funny!

Photographic shots when Barry's mom died that night
Photographic shots when Barry's mom died that night

What's more exciting is exploring the world of time travel! This is it.

It was confirmed that Barry Allen traveled from the future to save his mom? or to kill his mom? These are the big questions out of the box. And we're not yet to ultimately confirm who the Reverse Flash is coinciding with the future Barry Allen when the night his mom died. Thanks to this dynamic duo built from greatness, Detective Joe West and Cisco Ramon who then revealed that it was adult Barry's blood. Now, who's the Reverse Flash? Will you still believe that it was Harrison Wells who came from the future with Barry? I'm already confused by his pretentious-or-not morality. I couldn't help but to think of him as future Barry Allen.

Let's see how this show will do an incredible twists and turns of the Flash universe. Hold on, there's Gorilla Grodd waiting for his spotlight and I'm sure it's going to be an epic battle of strengths and brains. Yikes!

Fans are now creating their own mind-blowing theories after watching this episode. They might be correct or somehow misleading. But one thing is for sure, time travel is really exciting to watch out for and surely we couldn't wait for that to happen.

So, what do you think happened the night when Barry's mom died? What are these two speedsters doing inside the Allen's house? Was it just coincidence or planned?


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