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Cody Hillyer

Zak talks in-depth about his heart stopping experiences while recently shooting a documentary inside the Demon House in Gary, Indiana....which he purchased for himself after hearing about the unholy events that occurred within! Zak explains the horrible stories of an entire family possessed within the house, including how a young boy walked backwards up a wall in front of the state appointed social worker (who refused to talk about it for over a year) and the mysterious contents found in the basement of the house. He also tells us about the mental toll it takes on him to be in contact with the spirit world and how hard it is to keep a girlfriend as a result. He talks physical ghost attacks, evil hauntings, how spirits can cause the living to have strokes and heart attacks & why Zak feels that he is a conduit to the spirit world. He tells us about the creepy Island Of The Dolls in Mexico & why he is terrified of dolls, as well as the terribly haunted Bobby Mackeys Music World in ‪#‎Kentucky‬ where there is a sign on the front door warning patrons that if they are attacked by demons, they are NOT allowed to sue! Plus Zak recounts the horrific time that he was Possessed by a demon and how it made him feel like killing everybody in sight! You'll also hear about Zaks new book ‪#‎IAmHaunted‬, his scariest moment ever on ‪#‎GhostAdventures‬ and what music he plays to attract the dead...and it isn't Black Sabbath! All this and so much more NOW on this terrifying edition of


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