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The internet has been buzzing about a cat, named Bart, was buried alive after his owner thought he was dead. He clawed his way out, slowly and painfully, and limped his way home. Now, Bart has been taken away from his home forcefully. No, he was not kidnapped by some weirdo catnapper... But was taken unwillingly into custody by the Humane society.

The Humane society, dedicated to helping animals, has taken Bart from his home and owner, both unwilling, to "nurse him back to health". This has sparked outrage among the owner, whose name is unknown and caused a lawsuit. Bart's owner is suing the Tampa Bay Humane Society for taking Bart away without reason and using him as a publicity stunt.

The Humane Society has claimed that they will not give the cat back to an unfit home environment, but many disagree. Many people make the mistake of a pet dying, and what happened to Bart was tragic. But that does not mean the home is unfit for Bart to live. Others agree with the Humane Society, saying his owner was unfit to care for Bart as he was buried alive, and the Humane Society took the right action. What do you think?


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