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Again, I will review Biopic Movie. This time, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Leonardo DiCaprio my obssesion (which has never get Oscar). By the way, about the Oscars, the following nominations and awards that achieved by The aviator. Again ... Poor you Leo.


Synopsis: Biopic about the life of an entrepreneur, director, and a pilot named Howard Hughes. About how the love story and struggles with OCD that affect his life and career.

About Leonardo DiCaprio's acting, I must say He is really really greeaattt . He can act like he is the real OCD sufferer. Cate Blanchett Katherine Hepburn successfully act like the real Katherine Hepburn from her attitude and also her manner of speech. From the story, to be honest to the ending a little disappointing. The ending is floating and the climax is too short, tend to rush but the story development is very good. But overall, the film is worth to watch.

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Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio is the master of biopic movie from Wolf of Wall Street, J.Edgar, and Catch me if you can. Plus he is in almost Martin Scorsese’s movies. Maybe the modern day Robert de niro


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