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The Walking Dead (TWD) Is a widely popular tv series about post-apocalyptic zombies and trying to survive. Wait....Why am I giving you a description? Everyone knows what The Walking Dead is about. And if you don't then shame on you ( Unless you have been living under a rock). Walking Dead has made us laugh, cry, and feel every emotion in between. It is pretty hard to pick just 5 of the top episodes, but I am going to give it a go. (NOTE: These are NOT in order)

1.Tell It to The Frogs - Season 1, Episode 3 I know, I know. Why this one instead of the first episode? Because this really helps set up the rest of the series. The first two episodes were setting up the main theme of Man vs. Zombie. This is the first time Robert Kirkman introduced a sub theme of Man Vs. Man. This has made the show more dangerous, as man is more intelligent then zombies, and created multiple enemies. Sure, Rick has reunited with his family in this episode, but the best part is the conflict between Rick and Shane. This episode, showing the Rick and Shane competition over Lori, sets up the rest of the season with the Rick. Vs. Shane debate. And even after the conflict is over, the side effects and aftermath of the battle still remain prominent throughout the series.

2. Pretty Much Dead Already- Season 2, Episode 7 The second season of may have admittedly stalled a little at first, as Rick and his fellow survivors spent as much time sitting around a farm bickering as they did killing zombies or restarting civilization. But it soon picks up as Hershel, played by Scott Wilson, wants them out. Shane opens the barn to reveal the zombies Hershel has been hiding, as he wants to heal them. Everyone is shocked to see that among the undead is one of their missing friends, Sophia When Rick executes zombie-Sophia, it's both a reminder of the stakes of the show and a foreshadowing of what's to become of Shane, who has been slowly losing his grip on humanity.

3. Coda- Season 5, Episode 8 This is a very recent episode of TWD, and the most shocking event, atleast in my mind, has happened. Beth has been slain. Yes, I know, just saying that has hurt my feels to. But how could I say that this is one of the bet episodes? Please don't hate me, but this episode was amazing. While Beth was in a hospital run by crazy people, Daryl and the others were searching for her. Doing a hostage trade, Rick and his group have gotten Beth back, but at what cost? Noah needed to be handed over to the hospital to allow Beth to leave. Previously, Beth had made a promise to get Noah back home, to Shirewilt in Virginia. ( Ill come back to this is in a moment) but when Beth stabs the Chief Officer, she gets shot in the head. Something NONE of us saw coming. It was the moment that shocked the nation. This moment, and Beth's promise, set up the rest of the season. Now Rick and the group will take Noah to Shirewilt, as so Beth's promise was not in vain.And from there, they will go onto D.C.. Beth's death has effected several characters in the show, and not for the better. Daryl and Maggie are the most affected, and I am sure more of the will be shown in following episodes. Beth was innocent, badass, gentle, and strong all at the same time. Her death hurt, but will continue to affect the show for the rest of the series. We will never forget you, Beth.

Do you agree with my choices? Comment below what your top 3 episodes are.


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