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From Iron Man to a lawyer, Yeah That's Robert Downey Jr. Men are known for the image of Tony Stark this time will play in the law drama as an attorney. Oh well, in addition to Iron Man, he was also well known as an eccentric detective Sherlock Holmes who likes to make Jude Law (Hot Daddy) overwhelmed.

Synopsis : After 20 years of no return home, Henry 'Hank' Palmer found the news that his mother died and his father, a local judge, suddenly accused of a hit and run. From here tested the ability of Hank as a lawyer. Hank also face his stubborn father and fix his relationship with his family.

It is clear from the synopsis that this movie is drama child's relationship with his parents. The story is very nice and was able to bring us to feel that occurred at the Palmer family. Judge Palmers’s character as a stubborn and selfish ego dad makes us upset and also feel sorry. Robert Downey Jr’s acts as Hank barely differ from Tony Stark so that we will continue to see an image of Tony Stark (with a father who lives). This movie would be much better if part 'old girlfriend' Hank discarded and more focused on family drama. Overall this movie was well ... good for the size of the Drama


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