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The film is starring Hulk, Gru and Magic Mike. Complete. For girls, you still can see channing’s muscle. Believe me


: wrestler named Mark, bored under the shadow of his brother, who was also a wrestler named Dave. One day, a billionaire named John DuPont wants to help Mark to develop his career.

Done ? Happy Ending? NO !! Dude, It's a really cool movie. This movie told a relationship between Mark and John in detail and how Dave is very good to Mark. Dave always supports Mark until an unexpected tragedy happened between them (NO SPOILER)

For acting, Steve Carell who act as John has a big difference when he was cast in the comedy like Anchorman, 40 Year Old Virgin, Crazy Stupid Love, etc. His acting was really ... creepy? Chemistry between Channing and Mark Ruffalo as brothers is really good. Oh ya, Channing’s acting is also really good in this movie and really fits as a wrestler with a lot of emotional conflict. In physically, all actors very similar to the original especially Steve Carell (I won’t stop acting praise his acting in foxcatcher. This movie is really good for those who like sports.


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