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Ever since the first season, Arrow fans have been wondering when Thea would learn about her brother's secret identity, and how she would take it. Actually, we figured we already knew. Time and time again, we were reminded of Thea's dislike of the Arrow, and her hatred of secrets and lies. She even distanced herself from her family on a few occasions after things were kept from her. And of course, Diggle has only reminded us on several occasions that "revealing the secret would drive Thea away forever." So, naturally, we thought the worst, and figured the siblings would be driven apart... for a long and dramatic time, at least.

In last night's episode, Canaries... we were amazingly proven wrong.

I don't know about you, but all I could think throughout the entire scene was "this is a dream. And when it really happens, the exact opposite is going to occur." It was just... too perfect! Especially Thea's "thank you, thank you." line. And I kept thinking that it was just a dream up until the scene with Chase. And then I realized... that really happened. And boy, am I glad it did.

CW could have gone for all out drama. It wouldn't have surprised any of us. But instead, they did the exact opposite of what we expected... and it DID surprise us. In fact, it was a FANTASTIC stroke of writing and character development. Instead of being angry and pushing Oliver away... Thea THANKED him after realizing that all of his lies were made to hide the fact that he had been out protecting people and saving lives. She didn't criticize him for hiding his identity from her. There was no "Why didn't you trust me?" She UNDERSTOOD. She embraced her brother, she embraced The Arrow, and she thanked him for the sacrifices he had made, relieving Oliver of a great burden. That doesn't really happen too often with superhero reveals.

And even more surprising? She turned on MALCOLM instead!

Now that everything is out in the open, Oliver and Thea's relationship will grow stronger. They will be able to support each other. And as we saw in last night's episode, we're going to get some great moments out of it. ("BBQ?" "C4.") But that's not all; with Thea now off to train with Oliver on the island, we are one step closer to her joining the team as Speedy. And that is something I'm definitely looking forward to!

So all hail Thea Queen, for being extremely mature about Oliver's secret. And well done CW, for surprising us all. And of course, major kudos to Stephen Amell and Willa Holland for incredible acting. I'm definitely looking forward to next week's episode, and seeing the Queen sibling bond grow!


Were you surprised by Thea's reaction?


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