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[The Big Bang Theory](series:200751) has a dynamic, interesting, and nerdy cast of misfits that we've grown to love over the past decade. But have you ever wondered what they were like as kids? High school can get pretty cliquey and often can be one of the most awkward stages of life.

This fan art depicts the crew from The Big Bang Theory as kids and I truly wish that they had gone to my school. I would have befriended them all.

The cast get together for some Chinese food

This is a great sketch of the gang hanging out and eating Chinese food. Sheldon is not too happy, apparently, that Penny took his spot. Credit for this piece goes to nami86.

The gang as a group of faceless kids

I'm not sure why, but artist Jangsara decided it would be cool to depict all the main characters from the show without faces. It's kinda creepy but also very cool.

The gang as middle schoolers

This art, showing the cast as little kids, kind of highlights the fact that they all kind of dress like they're in middle school - or high school. Of course Penny would be a cheerleader, and the rest would probably be in the robotics club. Credit goes to kinkei. Check out their deviantart page here.

Huge legged Penny

This image does some really interesting stuff with legs. I also like the nervous and sweaty Raj. This comes courtesy of fanpop.

Wasted Raj and the rest of the gang

I love the fact that Raj has not one, but two drinks in this photo. He's wasted. Also, it looks like Amy is trying to sneak a kiss on Sheldon. Cheeky.

Unless... she's just channeling her inner Lance Stephenson. This also comes from fanpop:

Great anime style crew

This also comes from fanpop, and it's definitely pretty clear that it wasn't put together by a native English speaker. I think it's still cool though. This epitomizes the term "close enough".

A cool boxy version of the cast

Artist Cathy depicts how the show would probably look if it was on Cartoon Network. This reminds me of a show like Dexter's Laboratory. Very cool and original.


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