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Try not to cry.. Try not to cry ... I am not lying, this movie is really sad and Touching.

Synopsis : Paul Westcomb (Tom Hanks), a warden in block E, section of the death penalty. One day, a new inmate named John (Michael Clarke Duncan) arrive. His body 2 meters tall and black. He was indicted on charges of rape and murder of two underage girls. Interestingly, John is very gentle, quiet, and polite with excellent speech said. In addition, he is also afraid of the dark and easy to cry. Conflict is not only about John, but also caused the young and evil warden named Percy who got the job because of the connection with Governor.

Well, frankly I cannot say anything about this movie. It was so fascinated. 188 minutes of starting a long duration, but trust me, you won’t realized that movie is so long. We will be fascinated by the story, the standpoint of the accused to be executed, the Warden’s feeling when he perform execution in the electric chair, we will feel the hatred on Percy as same as Warden and will feel affection and sympathetic at John. Not only sad moments, there are some funny scenes like rats that roam the prison. The storyline is very very nice and closed with the ending that will make us cry and produce a flood of tears. There are many moral messages that can be captured from the movie. This film has been received many nominations and awards.


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