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1 - The best 'bots

Christopher Filippone has put together a great list of characters that are... nearly human. These androids were all real friends and companions to the people around them. Proving that you can be made of metal and still have a heart.

Get all the details here - More than just metal and wires: Here are five iconic 'bots that taught us to love our metal friends

2 - Spidey's back... Where to from here?

Assuming that you don't pay rent for a small studio apartment underneath a giant boulder, you've most likely heard the news about Spidey joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Since the news has been released fans have cheered, debated, laughed, cried, and apparently had some very deep conversations.. with themselves. MP newcomer Rafael Berrios is one such case, and in his first post he shares the conflicting attitudes between his more rational self and his inner web slinger.

Check it out - Spider-Man in the MCU: Internal Conflict

3 - So, it's a bit of a fixer upper?

It's a fact that the vast majority of us absolutely love Disney's mega-hit, Frozen. However, this article by Melissa Pinkowski sheds light on the flaws within Disney's modern classic that we might have missed (and those we definitely noticed... but decided to let it go!).

Get into it here - Melting Frozen: The Flaws in the Phenomenon

4 - Behind the mask

If you ask around, most movie critics and horror aficionados will tell you that The Texas Chainsaw Massacre set the gold standard upon its release in 1974. It raised hairs, eyebrows as well as expectations of the horror genre.. But what made this gruesome tale such a cultural phenomenon, and why is it still so important, so relevant, even after 40 years? In his MP debut, Gerry Albert goes beyond the gore (though doesn't fail to mention it) and tells us what made TCM so horrifying, and why it has been able to stand the test of time.

Get stuck in here - Texas Chainsaw Massacre: 40 Years of Skin Masks, Chainsaws, and Gender Confusion

5 - Fighting evil by moonlight, fan art by daylight

Sharing is fantastic animation skills on Moviepilot is Rudolph Pap, a London-based animator and Anime enthusiast. Here we can see his unbelievable talent with a fan made transformation of Sailor Mars. Rudolph goes into more detail about his projects within the article too so if you love fan art and animation, this is surely going to be your favorite post of the week.

Read all about it here - Eternal Sailor Mars is finally here in fanmade transformation sequence!

6 - A shot of nostalgia

Kyle Mack takes us on a nostalgia trip through some of the great games we experienced on the Nintendo 64 back in the day. He shows us how each of them would be well-served with a reboot. After reading his article, is it too much to ask for all of them?

Take a trip down memory lane here - 5 N64 Games That Deserve a Reboot

7 - Batman suits up

With all the tension leading up to the Dawn of Justice Trailer, a film that will inevitably serve to be a gargantuan event in superhero cinematic history, us fans need to quench our thirst for fresh Batman related topics on the daily. Brand new creator John Sorensen gives us a strong dose of Bat-fix in his epic first ever post, detailing some of the best armoured Batman suits we’ve seen throughout the history of the caped crusader. This one is a must for anyone jonesing for more batstuff!

See the whole thing here - Batman vs Superman: Which of These AWESOME Batsuits Will Feature!?

8 - My inner goddess is disappointed

Anyone can tell you that the fantasy is always better than the reality. And it seems that thats the case with spank fest of the moment Fifty Shades of Grey. Getting into one of the first screenings, Rory O'Conner has detailed the most cringe worthy anti climactic scenes in his post. Be careful, it may rub you the wrong way.

Read what everyone's talking about here - The 14 Least Sexy Moments From Fifty Shades of Grey

9 - Star Wars Battlefront update

Isaias Avellaneda keeps us up to date with the development of the latest instalment in the Star Wars Battlefront series. He teases us with small details that have come out so far and what can be expected upon release. Patience you must have!

Read all about it here - 'Star Wars Battlefront' to have 'Hero' System!

10 - Lil' Justice

Ever wanted to see what it would be like if your favourite Justice League characters were in elementary school? Well now you can! Check these out these adorable comic strips depicting Batman, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman and receiving time outs and frolicking with their villain counterparts in recess. Creator John Carter gives us the goods!

See the whole thing here - Not enough DC in your life? Maybe JL8 is the cure!

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