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Well maybe..... One answer has been evading us Flash fans since the beginning of the season. The question we asked? Who killed Barry's Mother? It could really be anyone.

With recent events and knowledge coming to light, our fingers are pointed towards Mr. Harrison Wells. It turns out he can walk, and not only that. He can Run. Just Like Barry, he has the powers of the Flash. He also has knowledge of past and future, and a top secret room with a super computer. Like Jarvis, only called Gideon. Also recently revealed, he has a Reverse Flash Suit. Though it has some Tacion Particle machine on it, we (And by that I mean I, if anyone knows what it does please feel free to tell me) are not sure what it does, and why it needs to be put on the suit while yellow speedster doesn't have it in use. he also tends to be super secretive about his personal life and not really socializing with others on a friendly basis outside of S.T.A.R. Labs.

A popular fan theory suggest he is Professor Zoom, who in the comics is Nora's (Barry's Mother) killer. This could also be because he knows the future and the past. He knew Nora's mother was going to be killed, but let it happen. Whether it was because he knew Barry was going to become the Flash or something more sinister, this really doesn't put him in a good perspective.

Although, in the last episode, they found blood on the wall in Barry's old house. Joe tried to get Cisco to cross check it with Wells, but he refused. He eventually does it, and finds that the blood is Barry's,not Wells, from when he is an adult. SO we know that time travel will be done in a future episode. But whether Wells is the Killer is still unknown. The evidence is overwhelming, but I feel that the Flash creators will try to pull a fast one on us. Like giving us a sense of security before pulling the rug out from under us.

Wells is extremely complex, and having him be Professor Zoom seems to be to easy of an answer. Maybe he is Barry in the future, or someone completely different, but I feel someone else will be the killer of Nora.

What do you think? Give me your fan Theories down below.


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