ByMatt Rose, writer at

Born on the 12th Febuary 1953, an actor was born named Nabil Shaban. As an actor, Nabil is best remembered by the who community as the smily Mentor known as Sil. He first appeared in the Phillip Martin penned story Vengance on Varos and reprised the role in Mindwarp. A few years later he reprised the role of Sil for Big Finish in The Lost Stories Range in the story Mission To Magnus (Originally that was scheduled for Colin Baker's second series and it paired Sil up with The Ice Warriors). The last time we heard him was in Antidote To Oblivion, once again penned by Phillip Martin. Happy Birthday Nabil, and we hope to hear you again slither back into Sil one day for Big Finish or the tv series.


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