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Hello MoviePilot! After about a two month break, I have returned to write another article for you to enjoy (hopefully).

Recently, it has been made obvious that there is a rather strong possibility that Brandon Routh's Atom could be getting his own spinoff show. While I think that this is a great idea, there is another idea that I would like to throw out there. KEEP IN MIND THAT THE CW MAKES CHANGES TO ORIGINS AND OTHER ASPECTS OF THEIR CHARACTERS THAT DEPART FROM THE NORMALITY OF THE DC CHARACTERS WHICH ARE USED IN THEIR SHOWS.

In 2000, Warner Brothers released an animated TV series called Static Shock, which was based off of the DC Superhero "Static".


When this show first aired, I was about 9 years old and I immediately enjoyed it because, well, who doesn't like superheroes when they're a child (and adults like most of us on here). This is my idea on how CW can incorporate another hero into their TV universe aka the " [Arrow](series:720988)verse".


Static aka Virgil Hawkins was a normal teenager in Dakota City. The victim of a bully, who used to throw him a beatdown on a daily basis, Virgil sees an opportunity to get revenge on said bully during a huge gang fight that would be taking place one night. Virgil arrives for the gang fight which was then interrupted by local authorities who threw tear gas, which was, unknowingly, laced with an experimental mutagen known as Quantum Juice (Q-Juice). This came to be known as the "Big Bang". The people infected with Q-Juice became known as "Bang Babies". Long story short, everybody involved in the fight was infected with the substance and gained some sort of power, including Virgil. After being infected, Virgin gained the power to manipulate, generate and control electromagnetism.


In order for this show to become a spinoff of [The Flash](series:1068303), there needs to be a connection with the show, obviously. My idea for bringing Static into the "Arrowverse" would be to tweak his origins and conform it to the Particle Accelerator explosion. Basically, keep the origin story almost identical to the original, but instead of using Q-Juice, make the explosion the trigger that gives Static his power. So, have Virgil go to the gang fight and, in the midst of the battle, show the Particle Accelerator explode, which in turn has an effect on everybody that was present. They could still refer to this as the "Big Bang" and keep the term "Bang Babies". This could set up future villains, as well as establishing Static in the current "Arrowverse". Now, I am sure many of you are saying "Dakota City is nowhere near Central City". Well, why can't it be? Like I stated above, CW has made major changes to multiple aspects of their characters already. So, why can't they just establish Dakota City as an outlying city right next to Central City? An explosion of that magnitude, plus the fact that the Particle Accelerator harnessed or created all different kinds of energy, should easily be able to reach a neighboring city. Another issue I am sure you are all wondering about is, how come nobody has heard of or seen Static yet? A simple solution would be that it could be a time-sensitive thing, just like some of the established villains in The Flash. All of these people didn't come out at once, there has been gaps of time in between.

As far as actually connecting Static to The Flash, it gets a bit trickier. In the comics, Static has had a connection to S.T.A.R. Labs. Using that as a bridge could be the answer, but slightly modified, of course. In my opinion, I would have Virgil go to S.T.A.R. Labs in order to learn more about his new found powers. There he meets The Flash and the rest of the team.

By modifying Static's origin, it enables CW to create another spinoff for their blossoming slate of TV shows that connect within the same universe. This also gives them another hero to use in a future Justice League/Society team-up. I have previously written an article (it does not include Static) on a Justice league/Society that you can check out on my page.


Would you like to see a Static show on CW?


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