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With the announcement of a possible Legend of Zelda TV show for Netflix, an obvious question arose. What other popular game franchises would we like to see on TV? In a way, Halo already went there with Halo:Nightfall so why not others? Now I could just mention every and all games ever made, but i'll try and stick to what seems feasible as well as what might be interesting to actually sit through on a weekly basis/ binge watch.

Without further ado here are my top three.

3. Fallout

Fallout could bring something fresh, in as much as we would have a post-apocalyptic scenario that doesn't involve zombies for a change (sort of). With the main character being the same inhabitant of Vault 101 venturing out into the Wasteland, we could be introduced to a multitude of interesting characters and plots. There is history to be explored, plenty of opportunity for character development in this harsh setting, and a fair mix of both humour and drama.

2. Mass Effect

Mass Effect is a viable option to fill the sci-fi gap left by such shows as Firefly ('hold back manly tears') and Battlestar Galactica. The lore and characters are rich and there are plenty of cultures and locations to be explored. Frame it all within the galactic threat of the Reapers and i'm there! The games themselves already play like long movies, so spinning this into a series is not too hard to imagine.

1.Assassins Creed

Now, I know Assassins Creed is set to be made into a movie and Michael Fassbender is a great casting choice, but just hear me out. The amount of content and backstory involved lends itself so much better to a tv show. Each season could focus on our present day character reliving the life of one of his assassin ancestors. That way, we can fully explore the time they lived in and the consequences of their actions throughout history. If balanced with a good underlying arc in the present day, we could get to see something amazing. Imagine one season taking place in Jerusalem during the Third Crusade, and another in the golden age of pirates in the Caribbean. This change of scenery would keep the show fresh and exciting.

Are there any games you would could imagine being decent tv shows? Let me know in the comments.


Which of these games would you like to see on TV?


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