ByEmma Dilemma Filtness, writer at
Language graduate and geek. Fandom's include Doctor Who, Red Dwarf, Marvel, DC, Sherlock.

Released in 2009, this British comedy tells the story of Ray (Chris O'Dowd), a sci fi enthusiast and his two friends Toby and Pete who unwittingly uncover a rift in time and space in the gents loo of a pub. Aided by a trainee time plumber (Anna Faris) the trio stumble through dystopian futures, fame and a brush with death in this classically British romp.

The action moves at a brisk pace with plenty of laughs and relateable characters, it is hard not to love the haphazard style in which the heroes try to come to terms with their situation. I mean, if you were approached by someone claiming to be from the future, would you believe them?

If you like Shaun of the Dead or the IT Crowd, you will really enjoy this!


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