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Here we go guys! Week 3 of my weekly review of both Arrow and The Flash. My video review is right below here so go ahead and click on that to see my full review!

My reviews are broken down into the top 5 moments that stuck out or were noteworthy to me that could've been good or bad.

Let's get started!

5. Thea Finally knows!

That's right. After 2 and a half seasons of not knowing. Oliver finally told Thea how he is the hooded vigilante. This was such a great moment for the series. Now, Thea and Oliver can have no secrets. They can work together to try to fight Ra's al Ghul!

4. DJ Spy attacks Thea

We all remember that blond DJ that has been trying to get into Thea's pants? Yeah, after only revealing an episode or two ago that he is a spy he tries to kill Thea. Luckily, through Malcolm's training Thea figures it out.

Roy and Malcolm show up to prevent the DJ from harming her at all. Am I the only one that still doesn't understand how the assassin was such a good DJ in the first place? Was he a DJ first then trained to be an assassin? Anyone else curious?

3. Captain Lance finally knows!

This story dragged out wayyyyy to long but it finally came. Laurel finally confessed to her dad that her sister is dead. So far Captain Lance didn't have a heart attack so way to go Laurel on that one.

My question is where does this leave Laurel? Will she continue to be the Canary? Will she train more and put on the mask again? Why did this whole story have to be strung along and where does this leave us now? Who knows!

2. What has Ray Palmer been up to?

For the past two full episodes we have had zero Ray Palmer. What has he been up to? Is he almost finished with the suit? We all saw the pictures posted on the suit but when will we see him continue building?

I've enjoyed the way the show has taken their time with this story. Don't just have Palmer become the ATOM out of nowhere and jump the gun. Hopefully he'll return next episode and we will get a clue on the status of the actual suit or it's abilities.

1. Return to the island

We saw it at the end of the episode that Oliver and Thea are going to be doing their training on the island together for Ra's al Ghul. I'm not sure if Malcolm will be with them the whole time or what but this shall be interesting. I love how Oliver and Thea have no secrets anymore so they can just be their badass selves.

What else will Thea learn about her brother's past on this island? I can't wait to see the training they have to go through. When will Ra's al Ghul make another appearance?

What did you guys all think? Comment below so we can discuss!

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