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Did Bill Murray retroactively predict the end of the world?

We all know and love Ghostbusters 2, the hilarious but not as great sequel to Ghostbusters. But did it predict the Apocalypse? Yes it did. And on February 14th 2016 at that! A year from Saturday!

This comes from the opening of the film, when Dr. Peter Venkman ( the always funny Bill f***ing Murray) is interviewing two "psychics". The first one predicted the end of the word for new years of that year. 1989 going on 1990. While the second psychic disagreed and said it would be on February 14th 2016. 26 years from then. Now in the movie in the first psychic turned out to be right (sort of) as on new years eve hundreds of ghosts were set free in New York giving the Ghostbusters a big new job.

Now the end of the world has been predicted numerous times. (Most infamously Y2K and 12/21/2012.) But could this be the right date? I mean Back to The Future Part 2 predicted hover boards, holograms, and cooky clothing. So why not?

But what kind of Apocalypse would this be? A zombie apocalypse? Nuclear holocaust? Nature's revenge? Alien invasion? Whatever it could be I'm sure it would be something terrifying. I mean we have pretty much laid out the plans to our demise unexpectedly, so maybe the movie was accurate in it's prediction. I mean I don't want to give a lot of credit to an unimportant character in a late 80's movies.

If people were so quick to believe a 2 or 3 thousand year old calendar why not an 80's movie? I mean entertainment has predicted the future for nearly 2 hundred years. Titanic was predicted by a book about a ship called the Titan. And the events unfolded exactly the same as in the book. And Jules Verne wrote about submarines nearly a hundred years before the first one was created. And lets not forget all those old pulp stories that predicted space travel before it happened.

But at the end of the day I don't believe those kinds of things. But you cant tell me hearing something like this isn't the least bit entertaining or interesting. But who knows maybe it just might be accurate.


Do you think the end of the world will be anytime soon?


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