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Pat Gonyar

As you may or may not know, most networks tend to release descriptions for their TV shows' episodes two or three weeks in advance of when the episode will air. This allows the fans to get a little sneak preview of what is to come in their favorite shows. While most studios release short little blurbs that tend to tell you just enough to get you interested but not enough to reveal any spoilers, the CW releases longer descriptions that set up not only the A plot but also the B and sometimes even C plots. There is quite a bit of information contained within each description, and I am always on the lookout for the descriptions for Flash and Arrow because of this extra attention to detail.

The descriptions for Arrow and Flash tend to be released at about the same time, which is why I was puzzled last week when the description for Arrow episode 15 dropped and the description for Flash did not. Why was this? I can only assume that it is because there is something in that that will spoil something from episode 14. The question then becomes, "What event occurs in episode 14 that is so important that a description of episode 15 cannot help but mention it?" Given what we know about the two episodes in question so far, I think the answer is obvious: time travel. Take a look at the promo for episode 14.

Going by this, you'd think the whole episode is specifically about time travel. Of course, with the way the last episode ended and the description of episode 14, we know that the main plot of the episode has to do with General Eiling coming for Firestorm. Why, then, is the promo all about time travel? It seems to me that it is very likely that by the end of the episode, Barry will have traveled either forward or back in time. It makes sense, considering episode 15 has also been said to involve time travel. Below, I will discuss one theory I have for what might happen. Keep in mind, this is mostly speculation, though there is supporting evidence, but if you are one of those people who simply cannot stand speculative articles, I would suggest you leave now.

Alright, so my theory stems from the fact that episode 15 involves the Weather Wizard. A version of him, Clyde Mardon, was the very first villain we saw in the Flash (unless you count the Reverse Flash from the flashback to Barry's mother's death), and Clyde's brother, Mark, will be the main villain of the episode. Now, here's where things get interesting: IMDB lists Chad Rook as appearing in the episode as Clyde Mardon as well. Now, could this simply be a flashback? Sure, that is completely plausible. Could IMDB just be misinformed? Sure, especially given that there are two "descriptions" of the episode on the site that don't appear to be based on facts of any kind.

However, the other possible explanation is that Barry accidentally travels back in time to the pilot. Perhaps he stops Joe from killing Clyde, somehow, and Clyde shows up in the present alongside his brother. Or perhaps he changes something else that results in Mark Mardon becoming the new Weather Wizard. Perhaps it turns out that if Barry had never time traveled, Mark never would have taken up the mantle. When Barry gets back to the future, he realizes what he has done and the dangers of time travel, and then has to stop either Clyde and Mark or just Mark.

Now, maybe this is completely off-base, and it probably is not exactly the case, but I think something like this would be interesting. Certainly, at the very least, I think there will be some time travel at the end of episode 14 leading into 15, which is the main reason the description (or even the title!) for 15 has not yet been released. Anyways, thanks for reading, and I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter in the comments!


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