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It's not every day that you see something that can both disturb and inspire you, but this unflinching short film out of Spain manages to do just that.

The extremely NSFW short is called Eat My Sh*t and comes from the mind of Eduardo Casanova, a 23-year-old writer and director from Madrid. In just three and a half minutes, Casanova tells the heartfelt and alarmingly graphic tale of a young girl who is born with an unmistakable facial deformity that makes even the most basic tasks difficult and shameful. Sounds tragic but pretty familiar, right? Why is this anything special?

Well, I think it's safe to say that this disfigurement is definitely not something you've ever seen before. This devastated girl has her anus on her face in place of her mouth, and it's in plain sight of everyone around her. She dreams of what life might be with a normal mouth and faces relentless humiliation from the video's waitress, a response she must get from the general public.

But the brilliance of this video is not just its shock value, it's also a call to stop the censorship (on social media and elsewhere) of people who don't have a conventional appearance. As Casanova puts it, "Being physically different is always a cause for censorship, and that’s something that has always has outraged me because we do not choose how we are born."

If you've got a few minutes to spare (and are far away from any nosy Nellies who may peep at your screen), check out Eat My Sh*t for a unexpected mix of horrifying and heartfelt.

A bit like a young Pedro Almódovar with a dash of John Waters, Casanova revels in "a mix of melodrama and gore." I'm honestly so impressed that someone who's only 23 years old is capable of a concept that is this unapologetic.

Here's a quick breakdown of how the story shakes out, but for anyone who's even remotely curious (and I know that's most of you), I urge you to watch the full video!

The girl posts a selfie on Instagram

And she's quickly reminded of how different she is. The social media app removes her picture and tells her that it's inappropriate sexual content.

Devastated, she orders a bowl of soup for comfort

But she's met with ruthless scorn from the waitress.

She dreams of looking "normal"

And collects cut-outs of mouths that only increase her longing.

The waitress refuses to cut her some slack

She's totally unsympathetic to the teary-eyed girl.

But the girl ultimately gets her revenge

In one of the most shocking ways possible.

There are a couple more surprises in the video (including how she eats), so watch the whole thing for a truly bizarre experience.

In the end, I must say that Eat My Sh*t has got to be one of the most disturbing things I've seen in a while, but it works! I never thought that I would even consider the plight of someone with an anus for a mouth (I read that there's a South Park episode about this, but I definitely missed it). So, well done, Casanova. I now see that discomfort and empathy can go hand in hand.

Were you uplifted by Eat My Sh*t or simply grossed out? Have you ever seen anything like it before?


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