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Everybody's favorite martini-drinking, gun-wielding, lady-killing British secret agent is coming back and I am going to lose my mind in anticipation! [Spectre](movie:660009) is coming to a theater near you November 6, 2015. The turmoil Sony has had to deal with has been a bit of a devastation, but at least they still have the James Bond franchise to hang their hat on.

The studio has released the first image of Bond... he happens to be in the snow wearing a super sleak outfit and toting a pistol.

Daniel Craig stars again as Bond in this Sam Mendes-directed film that's still shooting right now in Europe. Check out this behind-the-scenes footage:

That building towards the end looks like it was literally designed for a James Bond move. The fact that it just happens to exist is unbelievable and awesome.

And this:

I. Can't. Wait.


Can 'Spectre' follow up 'Skyfall'?

(Via: Variety)


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