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Richard King Lee

A few days ago, I watched the Chinese Kung Fu Movie Ip Man(bear with me, I swear this is all relevant) on Netflix, about a Chinese Kung Fu Master that stood up to the invading Japanese army that oppressed his country. Now, while the story had a lot of pro-chinese propaganda, it was an amazing movie, that you couldn't take your eyes off of for a second!

Ip man taking out 10 martial artists
Ip man taking out 10 martial artists

Immediately afterwards, I watched Ip Man 2.

He fights 4 different people on a table. Nuff said.
He fights 4 different people on a table. Nuff said.

As the credits rolled, my friends and I all collectively said "damn" at the same time.

Now, I'm not a huge Kung Fu movie fan, but the action sequences were so detailed that I couldn't look away. And then a though occurred to me: Why don't American Superhero Movies use martial arts? Think of all the hand-to-hand fighting superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man, or Captain America. In the comics, these heroes (at least Batman and Captain America) are actually trained in multiple forms of martial arts, but we haven't really seen that on the big screen. And while Spider-Man isn't classically trained in martial arts, his powers give him razor sharp reflexes, quick wit, and the acrobatic abilities to take on some of the toughest fighter in the Marvel Universe.

Now I know what a lot of you are thinking: The actors DON'T KNOW martial arts, dummy! Well, a big characteristic of superheroes is that THEY WEAR MASKS! So who is to say that they couldn't get a stunt double that knows martial arts to sub in for the more intense action scenes? Spider-man is literally covered from head to toe in red and blue, so it wouldn't be hard to get a Garfield-esque martial arts master to stunt double in the suit to fight Venom.

Furthermore, CGI has made huge bounds in recent years. With Jurassic World just around the corner, I can't imagine animating great fight sequences would be too difficult.

Avatar: The Last Airbender based each element off of a different martial arts style. Hollywood could hire skilled martial artists and study their moves.

So in conclusion, watch Ip Man- I mean Hollywood should incorporate martial arts into their movies. Realistically, it probably won't happen any time soon, but I'm hopeful that one day we will see amazing action integrated with western cinema.


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