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The Prodigal son has returned. Marvel has Spider Man back. No this is not a drill. OK so I am a couple days late on this. We all know that Marvel and Sony are working together to bring Spider Man into the MCU. Rumor has it that we will first see Spidey in Capatin America: Civil War. If your not familiar with that story line, Spider Man/Peter Parker plays a key role. And after that Marvel/Sony are eyeing July 28, 2017 for a release date. But we have already seen Peter Parker on the silver screen 5 times now. it is time for something different. It's time for Miles Morales.

It's time
It's time

In 2011 we found out Sony would be rebooting Spider Man. That reboot would turn into the Amazing Spider Man series starring Andrew Garfield. But before Garfield was cast, there was a petition for Donald Glover to become the next Spider Man. The internet blew up of course. "SPIDER MAN CAN'T BE BLACK". But Donald would be perfect for the roll. He would do great as Peter or the Brian Bendis created Miles Morales. Brian Bendis created Miles Morales after hearing the petition, taking inspiration from Glover as well as President Barack Obama. I have already touched on this before, but I believe The Death of Spider Man story arc would make for a fantastic film! Bringing Miles in would be the perfect way to spice up the series, as well as give Garfield a good way to end his time as the web slinger. But this is just one way to bring Spider Man into the MCU. In fact, Marvel doesn't have to use Miles at all. Just cast Glover or one of the other many hopefuls as Peter Parker. Glover would do a great job as Peter as well. If you look past the physical, you will see that Donald Glover is a fine actor that could bring a lot to the role of Peter Parker. It's time to update Spider Man for the 20th century. Come on Marvel, you know what to do. There are so many different ways to introduce Spider Man to the MCU. And the great thing about the character is that it could be anyone under the mask. If Donald Glover were cast as Spider Man, I wouldn't call him black Spider Man. He would just be Spider Man. That's how the next generation would see him to. And that is a perfect example of amazing.


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