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I don't know jack about anything but Superheroes and movies, so guess this is the place to be!
Asbjørn Rørdam Christensen

Lately we have been getting some awesome Superhero television, and we have been seeing some very well-known heroes, and some relatively unknown ones.

Even though "Arrow" and "Flash" are awesome TV-shows with some great casting and kick-ass heroes, I feel like we are missing some great heroes and villains. Those two shows are not the only ones out there who are doing an awesome job. I feel like "Gotham" has been getting a lot of unnecessary crap and I want to rectify that.

In my opinion "Gotham" is doing a great job at showing what Gotham City was like before Batman's arrival. Most of the complaints I have seen, are about the fact that it is a Batman show without Batman, and that the age of some of the characters, is way off in relation to Bruce Wayne.

Firstly, "Gotham" is NOT a Batman show! If you really want to make it a Batman show, then look at it as his origin story, in greater detail than it has ever been shown in movies or TV. Secondly, i really can't see why it is such a big issue that some of the characters are way older than Bruce. It doesn't make a difference, and we actually don't know their specific age anyway.

With that out of the way; Let's get to what we don't have yet!

To make things more simple for you, dear reader, I will do it show by show.


Personally i think "Arrow" is an amazing show, with sublime casting. Stephen Amell is a great choice for Green Arrow/Oliver Queen, he has proven himself to be a very versatile actor, who can do badass action scenes, and heartbreakingly emotional scenes. If you haven't watched then stop reading, go watch the whole thing and then come back and read the rest.

First thing that needs to happen on the show, is that "The Arrow" becomes "Green Arrow". I realize that this is a minor and unnecessary thing, but i feel like it would be awesome to hear him referred to by his comic book name as a recurring thing, and not just in a quick remark from Malcolm Merlyn .

Second thing I need to see on this show is Nightwing. If you don't know who Nightwing is, then check out the bio i did on him in my first article. like i wrote in said article, Nightwing is one of my favorite heroes of all time, and i am not the only one who want's this to happen. Green Arrow himself want's this, and has been campaigning it for some time now. I think this is actually a possibility, for one thing, Nightwing mainly roams the streets of Blüdhaven. The writers of "Arrow" have actually said that they can't touch Batman or Superman, but they both can and want to do something with Nightwing.


First off, CW those genius bastards! They do such an awesome job at writing, casting and shooting that me and my friends(All guys by the way) cry when we watch the emotional scenes in "Arrow" and "Flash".

I can't put a finger on this show. They keep you guessing, every time you think you've figured out everything, they throw in another twist and all your theories have unraveled. Especially this:

Who the hell is Harrison Wells? We now know that he is "Reverse Flash". Tom Cavanagh(The actor who plays Harrison Wells) has confirmed this himself. Now the question is; Which one? Future Thawne? Future Barry? or maybe Hunter Zolomon?


Again, i don't feel like Batman has to appear on this show, in fact i think it might ruin the show, unless it happens at the end of the season finale in the last season.

If you do your homework(which i haven't, but someone else did it for me), you find out, that in the earliest Batman comics, Batman, as a youngster(About the same age as in the series) Bruce Wayne actually uses the alias "Robin" as he fights crime and tries to solve the murder of his parents. This could very well happen on the show if you ask me.

Other than that, i don't really have anything else to say about the show. I think they have done a great job showcasing the villains of Gotham City so far, and the only hero i really need on this show, is Detective Jim Gordon.

The last thing i want to see on TV in the future is:

The Justice League

I don't know how this could or should happen, all i know is - I WANT IT!

What do you want to see in TV in the future? let me know in the comments!


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