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There has been a theory floating around Reddit and the rest of the internet that Kevin from Home Alone grows up to become Jigsaw from Saw. And as crazy as that sounds it holds a lot of water when you look at the facts...

First off, I don't claim to have written this theory I am simply retelling a story that I found on Reddit. And you can watch a full video on the theory BELOW.

Back story:

Home Alone was released over 24 years ago and was a smash hit and has become a staple in most peoples holiday movie watching schedule. The adorable Macaulay Culkin made his way into the hearts of millions with his Rube Goldberg esk traps that keep home invaders away. There are 2 sequels (though the 3rd installment has a new kid and is awful) but Home Alone and Home Alone 2 will forever be all time classics.

Kevin's Anger Issues..

In the first two movies Kevin displays anger issues that could be seemed from his love of violent movies... remember the scene where he simulates the shootout in the hotel to scare the manager? Well, it wouldn't surprise me if Kevin developed an early disposition towards violence. Also remember how he had a video and audio recorder and was always recording his family and others? In Home Alone 2, Kevin records a video of his Uncle Frank in the shower, later using the video to frighten hotel workers. This too plays along perfectly with the voyeuristic tendencies displayed by Jigsaw to have his victims displayed on video monitors...

Kevin's Obsession with his neighbor.

Kevin's neighbor who he became fascinated with
Kevin's neighbor who he became fascinated with

Kevin becomes fascinated with his next-door neighbor, Old Man Marley, after learning that Marley is possibly the serial killer known as the “South Bend Shovel Slayer.” Kevin seems especially obsessed with the idea that Old Man Marley imprisoned and mummified his victims. This is where Kevin takes a turn for the darker side and becomes obsessed with mass murders..

Kevin hallucinates visually and audibly

Kevin experiences frequent realistic visual and auditory hallucinations, seeing the furnace in the basement as a ravenous fiery-mawed monster. This particular symptom of his psychosis would become important to his methodology as the serial killer Jigsaw. In Saw II there is even a scene where Jigsaw puts an antidote into a furnace in order to trap and murder a helpless victim...

furnace of home alone and a similar looking trap..
furnace of home alone and a similar looking trap..

Kevin and Jigsaw's Traps..

One of Kevin's traps form Home Alone.
One of Kevin's traps form Home Alone.

Kevin uses clever traps in his home defense plans just as Jigsaw does. Most notable of the similarities are that they are both somehow triggered by the victim. Take the above picture for example, the trip wire activated the homemade flame thrower to roast his head.. Sound Familiar? It should as Jigsaw used a very similar trap that was triggered via opening a door, this time however it was a shotgun that greeted the person walking through it.

Shotgun trap set by Jigsaw
Shotgun trap set by Jigsaw

This is not where the similarities end. Kevin used broken Christmas ornaments to cut the feet of Harry and Marv..This may have been reused later by Jigsaw in Saw II when Jigsaw makes his victims walk through broken glass..

Jigsaw used a trap to take out the legs of the S.W.A.T. team in Saw II on the staircase in the opening scenes of the movie.. This could have been a remake of a childhood trap Kevin used when he thumbtacked the staircase and impaled Marv's feet.

Those innocent home defense traps don't seem so innocent when you think that it was the beginning of something so twisted as the the murder traps of Jigsaw.

The Striking Resemblance..

Finally our last piece of evidence is that the two just look similar. Same eye color, same skim-milk skin tone, same chin shape. For further reference check out this picture that demonstrates the similarities.

What do you think?

As an extra piece of evident the scene in which Kevin first discovers he’s home alone, as he wanders downstairs into the basement, right before he first hallucinates the furnace monster that has had such an obvious impact on his psyche.


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