ByDalton Cole Grady, writer at
Dalton Cole Grady

After I heard the recent news of Marvel getting the movie rights to our favorite wall crawler back I was bombarded with fan castings on this site on who will replace the talented Andrew Garfield who sadly will not be appearing as the wall crawler. So knowing me I decided to see who people chose as their Spider-Man and saw the same people everywhere. From Dylan O'Brian to Logan Lerman I thought to myself "well if they are getting a highschool version of Peter Parker why not someone younger then them? So after watching the movie "Let me in" for the twentieth time I googled the star of the movie Kodi Smit-McPhee and saw that he's currently 18 years old. Then I saw Civil War comes out next year. By the time it comes out he will be 19 almost 20, which is perfect! We get to see Spidey during his Senior year and the struggles he goes through before he's a man. Now. I know some of you are like,"I haven't heard of this kid" or "I don't think he fits the role". Well hear me out folks! In "let me in" he is a bullied Freshman who was picked on for not fitting in and being small. Sound familiar?? In the movie "Young ones" his performance blew me away! If you haven't seen that yet check it out, it's about a society that pays a lot of money for water because the earth has been depleted of almost all of it.Anyways I know he's no Garfield but I would love to see this young man in the shoes of Peter Parker. I hope others agree with my decision or at least think I'm on the right track.


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