ByJordan Aguero, writer at
Jordan Aguero

lets start with dylan o'brien

his acting chops are perfect and he is at the right age range. he playes stiles stilinksi a awkward yet intelligent, sarcastic, funny and outspoken teenager who is extremely clever and has worked his way through mysteries of teen wolf. his character much similar to peter parker who is the undisputed king of akward teen social outcast with very little friends. spider-man is and always was the face of the marvel universe and dylan o'brien has what it takes. my money is on dylan o'brien.

logan lerman

logan lerman can pull off spider-man because of his experience in action films like the percy jackson series and he can pull off romance just look at his performance in perks of being a wall flower.


who do you think should play my favorite superhero ever?


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