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You've probably all heard of The X-Men TV Show that is being developed by Fox, well if not, there is!

So at first when I heard about this I was like: Oh Yeah X-Factor! (Which was a rumor), but now that I think about it, I want a actual X-Men TV Show. Why?

There's soooo much to explore now. New lives and new origins. And also all the unused plotlines!

I imagine it somewhat Once Upon a Time style: Segments with present day and flashbacks from the new pasts.

I hope they have another Phoenix saga, done right, and even slightly rewrite the first films. And have Rouge a new origin more comic-vibe. Like have her and Nightcrawler be adopted by Mystique. I could see all of the rewritten origins being the first season.

Second season could be new one: Savage Lands!!!! and season finale: House of M!!!! I don't think that will be a film anytime soon *sighs* but imagine it!

And imagine the characters they could add: X-23, Pixie, Polaris, Jubilee, and soooo many more!

Any other ideas for the series? Characters? Plot lines? Comment Below!!!


Do you want a X-Men TV Show?


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