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Remember last week when Clarke released enough oxygen from the Mountain Man sniper's tank to give him only 6 hours to get back home instead of the necessary 8? Yeah. She's great. Our oxygen-deprived friend, Emerson, is not doing so great though. I'm not 100% sure how oxygen tanks work but wouldn't his oxygen decrease faster since he uses more while running and not casually strolling? Regardless of the mechanics, he almost fails to make it back. Fortunately for him, Cage (without a radiation proof suit on!) lends him a hand. Cage then proclaims that this is their ground. Huh. Tell that to the hundreds of Grounders and Arkers about to K.O. your people.

In Camp Jaha, Clarke frets about because Bellamy is late to check-in with her and Raven. When he finally calls in, she snaps at him. He cuts her off with an "are you through?" so she can go back to focusing on the task at hand. Just like a married couple, these two.

With Raven's help, the three map out Mount Weather. Maya gives Bellamy a radio with a headset so he can converse with Clarke no matter where he is in the compound. That's convenient. Clarke is supposed to be attending a meeting with the leaders of all 12 Grounder clans. She wishes to stay with the radio and Bellamy though so she sends Kane to TonDC to represent the Arkers.

Jasper alerts the other delinquents to Bellamy's presence in Mount Weather. The next bit of news they get is less awesome. Tsing waltzes in to the dorm with an army of guards and tells the kids that President Dante Wallace is no longer in charge. She is here for another kid's bone marrow. Jasper asks why she is doing this. She turns her creep mode to 1000% and answers "You are very special to us." Okay, psycho. She then takes a redshirt delinquent (we didn't even know ya' bud) to be harvested and Jasper and co are at a loss for what to do.

In a storyline that doesn't seem to really fit into the overall plot of this episode, but I TOTALLY dig right now, we find Jaha leading his 12 followers through the Dead Zone. 12 followers. Jesus had 12 pretty significant followers. Is Jaha Moses AND Jesus? I'm not entirely sure why Jaha gets so much hate from this show's fandom. His unwavering faith and general chillness is kind of riveting to watch. He also now has a super HILARIOUS white staff that I hope he uses to part a sea at some point. Whatever, Jaha haters. I'll love him enough for all of us.

Jaha and his disciples come across a girl and her broken cart. I don't trust her. But it's Jaha, so of course he does. She says that some desert wanderers attacked her and her brother while they traveled to the City of Lights. Since that's where Jaha's group is heading, he asks her to help guide them. He tells Murphy to give her water but some of the other disciples apparently never learned to share in grade school. Murphy tells one of the guys that if he touches him again he will end him. Jaha gives him a look, though, so Murphy adds that he will end him in a non-criminal way. Ha. I love Murphy. I never actually hated him, even when I was probably supposed to hate him. He was too good of an antagonist. I also really like the actor's work so far so I'm all for Murphy just sticking around to sass everyone.

Murphy and the girl, Emori, are basically having their first date while walking through the dead zone. He tells her that he's a murderer and a bad guy so she probably won't like him. She reveals that she has a physical deformity so she believes no one will ever like her. Her people did apparently disown her because of it. Murphy tells her that she shouldn't hide it because he thinks it's pretty cool. Four for you, Murphy. This is how you win her heart.

Turns out I was right not to trust her! Her brother (maybe?) shows up on a horse and holding a bazooka..or something. What in the world? She puts a knife to Murphy's throat and demands all of their supplies. Jaha is so zen that he just goes along with it. Before she takes off, Emori whispers the directions to the City of Lights to Murphy. Murphy apparently wormed his way into her heart just a little. Well done, kid!

He tells Jaha and they decide to continue their journey north to the City of Lights. They don't have any supplies and half of their group turns to go back. So, this is going really well. My favorite line of the whole episode, though, is when Jaha asks if Murphy is continuing because he has faith. Murphy responds, "Faith? Nah. I just have nothing better to do." You do your thang, Murphy.

Bellamy is being super sneaky in Mount Weather. Raven guides him through tunnels and vents but their map is mostly based on Clarke's limited knowledge of the facility so it's a little difficult. He does happen to stumble across the secret harvesting chamber where Tsing is extracting bone marrow from the redshirt delinquent from earlier. This time, the kid is dead. I guess they are no longer worried about keeping the kids alive? Just kill and get what you can while it's good? Okay, lady. You can go.

Cage is in the room talking to Emerson about Clarke's message. He knows about the meeting at TonDC and that all of the clan leaders plan to be in attendance. So, obviously his best option is to blow them up. So, Mount Weather has a missile? That's peachy. Clarke overhears the conversation through Bellamy's walkie talkie and knows that she needs to warn Lexa. Bellamy realizes that he last saw Octavia in TonDC but Clarke assures him that she is safe in Camp Jaha.

Turns out that is a lie. Octavia is in TonDC with Indra. Clarke knows that Bellamy will worry more than they can afford for him to worry so she lies. Dude, Octavia better make it out of this episode because ,if she doesn't and Clarke does,…umm pretty sure Bellamy will go crazy on Clarke. I'm not saying he would kill her but I'm also not NOT saying that he would kill her. Either way, this puts a damper on the Bellarke front. But, let's be real, every episode seems to have a moment that puts a damper on the Bellarke front. You can't keep them down though, writers. Just let them be!

Bellamy somehow manages to be EVERYWHERE this episode. When Tsing comes back to the delinquents dorm, her guards easily take down the kids that are trying to fight back. Surprise though! The guard taking down Jasper is Bellamy! He slips a gun to Jasper and tells him that they need to fight harder because Tsing is now killing them before extracting their marrow.

Bellamy then decides to become a waiter. He visits President Wallace in his holding room and brings him his dinner. By the way, that dinner looks way more fancy than anything I ever feed myself. This guy is imprisoned! Give him some weird lumpy oatmeal. Geez. Dante and Bellamy size each other up before deciding that they are pretty cool with each other. Bellamy asks for help and Dante tells him that he is just as much a captive as Bellamy's friends. Before Bellamy can leave, though, Dante tells him that he may know of a way to give Bellamy more time. What will it be!!??

As Bellamy escapes down a terrifyingly large drain pipe thing, Raven accidentally lets it slip that Octavia is actually in TonDC. Obviously Bellamy is upset, but Raven tells him that Clarke lied to protect him. Raven is a Bellarke shipper. I can feel it.

Clarke gallops into TonDC and demands to see Lexa. She tells her about the pending missile attack and says that they have to evacuate everyone right now. Lexa disagrees. Evacuating will only alert the Mountain Men to Bellamy's presence in their compound. Bellamy is too important to the war and has yet to accomplish some key things that they need in order to defeat the Mountain Men. Clarke initially fights Lexa's command because Clarke can't justify sacrificing a village of people. She also can't reconcile Lexa's idea of them peacing out while TonDC burns. Clarke has very little experience with war, though, and Lexa's plan is really all they have so it's set.

I personally don't like how Lexa is pushing Clarke down a path of leadership that is not consistent with Clarke's character. Clarke hasn't really had the time to figure out what type of leader she will be though. I suppose this is the process of finding that out, but listening to Lexa so far has done more damage than good to Clarke.

Lexa is doing what works for her and what works for her people. Clarke is NOT Lexa and the Sky People are not the Grounders. Clarke is new to war. Lexa is not. Clarke grew up with the privileged on an Ark that mostly dealt with petty crimes. Lexa grew up with her people constantly at war with the Mountain Men and other Grounder clans. Lexa is a skilled warrior and a calculating commander. Her decision to not tell the people of TonDC that the missile was coming was what was best for Bellamy to not get discovered. So, in reality, it was their best option. I personally don't like it because it seems like they are sacrificing an awful lot of people just to rescue their other people trapped in the Mountain.

I guess it is necessary to eliminate the overall threat of the Mountain Men because apparently it's impossible for anyone on this show to talk things through and come to an agreement that doesn't involve lots of blood and carnage. What this basically says to me is that war is hella messy and I am 100% sure that I am in no position to ever make decisions on this front. Everyone seems to be a little bit right or at least justified in their thinking. I don't really know who to agree with or who to be upset with.

Jasper and co prepare to fight the next time Tsing comes in to take one of them for harvesting. They have Bellamy's gun and a few metal railings from their bunk beds. So, they are totally going to win, right? What I LOVE about this scene is Jasper, Monty, Miller and Harper all locking arms while standing in front of the rest of their friends. So adorable and badass at the same time. I really don't want any of these kids to die. On to the fight! Ehh…Jasper shoots a guard in his BULLET PROOF VEST and all hell breaks loose. Tsing demands Jasper's blood since he started the riot. As they lead him to the elevator, though, the guards' faces begin to break out. Radiation is leaking into the air and Bellamy is saving the day! YAY! Dante gave Bellamy directions to where the Mountain Men keep their machines that clear the air of radiation. Raven helps Bellamy turn it off on the 5th floor, thus saving Jasper.

The other kids realize this too and as the guards basically melt away (ew) they run out to grab weapons. Doctor Tsing tries to get away on the elevator but Jasper stops her. He throws the "You're very special to us" line back in her face. Her melting face. AWESOME. Jasper, Monty, Harper and Miller (or the Fantastic Four as they are now known) watch. It's kind of weird. At least Monty has the decency to briefly look away. Really, though, I don't particularly like calling for someone's death, but Doctor crazy pants really needed to go. I maybe would have watched too. Maybe.

Clarke and Lexa are escaping into the forest when Clarke sees her mother prancing around TonDC. She freaks and goes back after her. Lexa is a bit miffed. Clarke grabs Abby and tells her that they have to run. At the same time, Cage locks in the coordinates for the missile and sends it away. So, this missile is actually going to hit isn't it? TonDC is completely obliterated. Clarke and Abby are tossed to the ground by the force of the explosion. Octavia is in the woods with Reaper-lite Lincoln. Kane and Indra are heading to the woods to find Clarke and Lexa. Everyone else seems to be in TonDC when the missile hits. All of our favorite players seem to be okay. Or okayish. We don't actually see Kane, Lexa or Indra again so...

Abby is super pissed that Clarke knew about the missile but didn't tell anyone. She yells and yells and tells Clarke that all of this blood is on her hands and that she can't wash it off this time.

Oh, Abby.

I haven't dedicated much space in any of these blogs for my thoughts on Abby. Mostly because I tend to have zero thoughts on Abby. She usually makes me angry during an episode but by the end I realize that I have found a way to block her out. This episode is different, though. Clarke messed up. She allowed people to die without informing ANYONE about the attack. It's not a move that the old Clarke, Abby's Clarke, would condone. It's not even a move that I think current, stronger Clarke would condone but she left it up to Lexa this time. That's a different point altogether.

Abby is a hypocrite. It is important for Clarke to hear what Abby is telling her. Clarke is young and new to leadership. Proper council is necessary for Clarke to grow and flourish as a leader. So, it is important that Clarke understands the consequences of her part in this missile fiasco. Abby was in no way the best person to deliver this message to Clarke, though. It lost all of it's weight because Abby spouts off so much hypocrisy with every word that leaves her mouth. Maybe it's that she understands the weight of a decision to sacrifice many lives for a greater good. She did have experience with that during the culling on the Ark. It's okay if Abby just didn't want her daughter to go through the pain born from approving this type of sacrifice.

Abby is vicious with her words, though. She is harsh and judgmental. Never understanding or empathetic. Abby is so hard to root for because the writers whiplash her in so many directions that I just don't care anymore. I get that she is a mother and wants to do everything to protect Clarke but she spends so much time determined to hold Clarke back. She never acknowledges Clarke's natural leadership ability and instead comes across as jealous when Clarke's orders are followed over hers. It's like Abby just wants to put Clarke in a box where she can keep her safe from danger and responsibility.

Loving someone is encouraging them to grow and to find a life that is meaningful and important to them. Love is protecting someone with your whole being but also knowing that you have to let them spread their wings or else you fail to ever let them find their own identity. Abby sent her daughter to the ground. She forced Clarke to grow up quicker than she should have had to. She continues to talk down to Clarke instead of supporting the strong and capable leader that her daughter has become. What I see is a mother that loves her daughter because she is hers. It's not because of who Clarke is or who she is becoming, which is an awesomely flawed human being.

So, yeah. I don't like Abby. I don't really want Clarke to go though the pain of losing both parents, but I really won't miss Abby if she doesn't make it past this season.

Here's a cute picture to get past that Abby rant.

Cage wants to go to the ground more than anything. I really thought he was going to kill his father when confronting him about the radiation leak, but I wasn't surprised when he didn't. Cage seems to want his father's approval just as much as he wants to breathe clean air. At some point, though, he is probably going to realize that Dante may never be on his side. Maybe Cage will eventually snap and kill his own father? Or, Dante may rethink his stance on everything now that Cage has gifted him with the bone marrow necessary to live above ground. It obviously wouldn't be "The 100" if it didn't make me over-think and then second guess everything I believe will happen on this show.

What's great about this show is its guts. Most shows set up something like a pending missile launch only to have someone come in during the last act to thwart the threat, thus saving the day. The 100 refuses to do that. They launch the missile, blow people up and then allow their characters to deal with the consequences. They have done this time and time again. The culling of 300 people on the ark? Finn massacring a village? These are situations that looked as if they would be stopped but weren't. In reality, a hero isn't going to fly in at the last minute and defeat the bad guy. Bad things are going to happen and will have to be dealt with. It's difficult to watch but it allows for intriguing narratives and complex characters. It makes this show worth coming back for.

Jaha, out.


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