ByKey Dieck, writer at

The crossover has begun... Gotham's hero, Batman, is finding some unlikely new additions to his growing list of allies and enemies, Marvel's favorite Merc with the Mouth being caught tight in the middle! In the ring with Death, will the Suicide Knights team triumph? Or fall victim to the Reaper's malice?!

The Suicide Knights Saga begins summer of 2015!

Created by CineMerc Productions, this film is aimed at hardcore Marvel and DC fans alike. We really wanted to touch on the story of, "What happens when street-level crime meets inter-dimensional travel involving the collision of two comic book universe fandoms?!"

Bringing in the heavy hitter and all fan favorite Bruce Wayne/Batman played by Wes Clark.

And joining him, the Merc with the Mouth: Wade Wilson/Deadpool played by Key Dieck.

This fan-film was created by fans for fans and was directed by Steven Sabell.


Are you guys ready for a full length fan-film like you've never seen before?


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