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This article will stay true to its title. I will talk about the great ending in which Eric Kripke had in mind. This is only a theory which I have come up with based on many articles concerning the possible ending.

Eric Kripke, before getting the show in works, developed the plans of the series for nearly ten years. This to tell that he created a well thought out universe in which only he knows. What if he already had the beginning to the end planned out? Which explains the fact that he wanted to make [Supernatural](series:200506) a movie, at first.

Eric has managed to use a variety of creative minds to help achieve his work. He has used all sorts of mythologies to fit in this universe. There is one particular mythology he used that has always captivated me. He's used religious mythologies. He's used from Christian to Islamic mythologies. Angels, demons, pagan gods, jinns and even God. Surprising as it is, God was never shown on Supernatural, or was He? He was mentioned numerous times throughout the show, but there was no truth spoken about Him in the series. Which was the whole concept of Kripke's work. His idea originally consisted on two tabloid reporters hunting demons and seeking the truth. This idea was not pitched in by the network which led him to add in some more ideas to make the show work.

Now, what if his whole concept of the show was to find the truth about God? His ideas were only a 5 seasons story arc. As the end of season 5 was approaching, the network wanted to continue the show due to it's popularity at that time. Kripke must have been bummed out on not showing his spectacular endgame. It caused him to change huge aspects of season 5, in order to continue the show. He stayed as executive producer and Sera Gamble took over as show runner for the next few years.

Eric Kripke has pointed out from the beginning of the series that Dean, one of the main characters of the show, had a dark secret, a secret he wasn't aware of. Neither were the viewers. Many episodes gave out hints to his dark secret, but it was never clear to viewers nor me. In season 4, we discover that his brother Sam heads to a road of darkness in which leads to his dark secret in season 5. He was the vessel of Lucifer. He was always meant to be the vessel of Lucifer, in the series. He wasn't aware of that until the angels have spoke of it. This is connects to Dean's secret.

We discover that Dean was meant to be Micheal's vessel. The older brother of Lucifer. The relationship between these two are a parallel of the relationship of Sam and Dean. This is one of the huge aspects that Kripke changed from the original idea.

Kripke could have possibly used a whole other concept on God's identity. What if he wanted to bring the idea of God's soul appearing in a human form? That soul could have been in Dean.

Unexpected truth
Unexpected truth
" This is a theory, please keep a neutral thinking. Think this out with me. "

If they stayed with the original concept. What if Dean's secret was that he was meant to be God's vessel? The whole conflict between Lucifer and God could have been the main story from the beginning. This could be why Castiel brought Dean back to life. The angels were most probably aware of who Dean really was. This is what Dean could have been chosen for. Once again, Castiel was given orders by superior angels to bring Dean back. It's maybe one of the reasons in why Castiel grew a particular interest in Dean, but he wasn't aware of it. Dean's role in season 5 could have made a huge impact in which could have been equivalent to Sam's. Sam was shown to have a big story arc from season 2, Dean always had minor stories. This would have changed everything.

Season 4 shows that there was a prophet of the name of Chuck. He wrote books based on Sam and Dean called Supernatural in which tells their actual stories. They discover the books and look for Chuck. Chuck informs them that their lives came to him as visions. Later on, Castiel tells them that these books will be known as the Winchester Gospel. Has the thought ever occurred to you that maybe there was more to why Chuck was really writing the books? He might have had a strong connection to Dean's soul which led him to see everything about them. He might have been chosen to tell God's stories.

All this to conclude that Dean could have been God's vessel. This is my theory that I've always wanted to share. He could have somehow realized that he was and managed to put a good end to it. Unfortunately, the show still goes on. Not that I hate it, I enjoy the ongoing story line. I think that they're still going with this concept. Since they have chosen the mythology of Cain and Abel. This story line might come to a great conclusion which all comes back to God.


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