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For many of us, middle school was a time of awkward haircuts, angsty music, and unrequited love. For the students at Monessen Middle School in Pennsylvania, it was briefly a place to find an R-rated word search featuring vocabulary from the upcoming book turned film, Fifty Shades of Grey.

From what I can gather, it was a complete accident, but there's no question that these books are a bit...advanced for middle school students.

While they might know a thing or two about sex, 12 to 14 year olds finding the words "bondage" and "leather cuffs" on a puzzle during in-school suspension might a bit much. And those are just the less explicit words that aren't blurred out!

KDKA-TV Viewer
KDKA-TV Viewer

Officials from the Monessen district have yet to speak on the issue due to current meetings regarding the subject, but Roberta Bergstedt, one member who did not attend the meetings, stated in an email to WTAE-TV:

It was a huge but unintentional error and collected from the five students involved as soon as it was realized. Unfortunately one copy was taken by a student who then posted it on social media.

It's good to know that the situation was quickly rectified, and in the end, only four or five students saw the puzzle before a teacher noticed, but it's a question in itself as to why these were found out in the first place. And is it even appropriate for things of this sexual nature to be present around children?

I mean, was a teacher doing these racy puzzles on campus? Did they use the school copier to make these? How did they not notice sooner?!

Then again, this is coming from a girl who is constantly forgetting birthdays, to lock the door, to turn off the stove...yeah, maybe I'm not really one to talk.

It's an understatement to say that this isn't quite the cognitive developmental aid that the teacher had intended. According to superintendent Carol Liscik:

I think that’s a shame. From what I heard about that book, it’s very racy. And for those students to get this, it’s really something.

In any case, it sounds as if the children were not irreparably damaged by the situation, and hopefully after the ongoing investigation the teacher, district, and parents can sort this all out.

[Fifty Shades of Grey](movie:391697) hits theaters today!


Is it acceptable for a teacher to do a 'Fifty Shades' word search on school grounds?


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