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"Why?" you ask. Because it's a perfect choice.

Spider-Man is an everyman hero . He is a timeless character that has endured this long in pop culture because he's special. He wasn't forged from the sun, he didn't have a rich family to fall back on, nor was he trained in another dimension with intergalactic ninjas. No, he was a kid from Queens who just had a accident happen to him and he learned how to deal with it. He is just like us in the everyday, plus the amazing powers. I loved that about his character. It grounded him making him more real to me, and I'm sure to the rest of his readership.

When I was a child reading Spider-Man comics it almost felt like I was reading Peter Parker's diary. Then came the animated '90s series; one of the best comic cartoons both in direction and adaptation of the source material. Every week I tuned in to see what was next, and discover his many adversaries. They were just as rich as Spider-Man's own story, what with many of these villains having complications that we could also relate to. I still think next to Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker has one of the richest Rogue galleries to choose from.

Who is Quentin Beck?

One of them always kinda stuck out to me though. His name was Quentin Beck and to be honest he was not my favorite at first. He was this weird fish globe-headed lackey that, compared to the powers of Spider-Man, was outmatched. Whenever I put quarters in the sticker machine at the supermarket I always seemed to get his sticker (lol). Then one day I got his action figure and it kinda dawned on me this guy was kinda cool. He was different then other villains in that he wasn't wealthy and crazy like Green Goblin, he didn't get powers from an alien symbiote, but what he did have was creativity.

He was trained as a stuntman and special effects technician. These attributes make Beck hollywood script gold. Just imagine him tinkering in a special effects studio in his origin story in the next movie, working in Long Island City. That would be Easter egg heaven, better than the drab look at Sinister Six in AMS2.

My dream would have been Bruce Cambell to play him for Spiderman 3 with Sam Raimi. That possibility got axed with the reboot. Here is the chance though, with this new reboot we could get some reality back to the franchise. I think it would ground the web head in both a colorful and exciting way. You can make the Mysterio suit a real costume and use CGI for his illusions. It would be cost effective and give that old feeling back to these classic characters.

So tell me what you think?

Mysterio, I also might add, had a run in with Daredevil in the comics, so that also opens the possibility for a cameo in the movie as well. Which would be a great combination on screen to see. I know a lot of you may think this is crazy but personally I think it's the right move and one that could really allow for a richer start to an amazing character like Peter Parker.


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