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Hello once again fellow readers! Today's article is going out to my cyberpunk crowed, I love cyberpunk. Cyberpunk has been a huge inspiration for many of the things we use today in our daily lives. It helped make smartphones, cam chat, internet, drones, hell basically everything. Even though we are not close to the future some of these movies are in and hopefully we don't get to the level of crime in some, we are nearly there. Flying cars, multipasses and a whole ocean of futuristic ideas, so now, ladies and gentlemen I give you... THE FUTURE!!

1. Metropolis

Poster for "Metropolis"
Poster for "Metropolis"

First off we have the granddaddy of them all, Metropolis. This 1927 classic is about the son of the city's mastermind who falls in love with a working class woman who predicts the coming of a savior to mediate the differences between the upper class and the lower class. The movie is the main inspiration for many of the cyberpunk masterpieces we know today.

2. Blade Runner

In second place we have my all time favorite cyberpunk movie, Blade Runner! This movie also became a hugely influential element in the cyberpunk genre. It had everything: flying cars, video chat, replicants, the overwhelming capitalism and the big neo-japanese atmosphere. A great noir story of a man trying to find four replicants who escaped from their captivity and are roaming in the city seeking revenge. You have to be very aware of every little detail in this movie, because the plot twist is so well hidden I'm very sure you won't catch it the first time you see it.

3. The Fifth Element

In third place we have The Fifth Element. I don't think I have to get into details with this movie. Everybody must have already seen this movie, it was a big deal when it came out and still is nowadays. Why? Well, I like to think it's mainly because of... MULTIPASS! For those of you who haven't seen this awesome film yet the plot is about a cab driver who unwittingly becomes the central figure in the search for a legendary weapon to keep Evil and Mr. Zorg at bay.

4. Akira

Fourth place we have Akira. This movie is kind of a surprise for me. I hate anime, well not hate, but there are so few animes that I can stand. But Akira took the cake, the animation is elegant and fluid. It also has a very interesting story and great characters, I kind of got bummed out at the end by how everything goes a la Dragon Ball, but none the less it's a great cyberpunk bike gang film.

5. Dredd

In fifth place we have Dredd, no, not the horrible Stallone Dredd. The new greedy and loyal to the character Dredd. This awesome new greedy future in Megaton city is fantastic, and even though you don't really explore the city you can't help feeling that it's a huge futuristic dump filled with gangs and con artists in every corner. The whole movie is in a huge building called a mega block, which is like a city block only instead of having streets it has floors. The story and characters are great and the slow motion effects will trip anyone out. Also, the villain is one of the best villains I have seen in any movie. So definitely check this one out.

6. A.I.: Artificial Intelligence

"A.I. artificial intelligence"
"A.I. artificial intelligence"

Number six is A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. Legendary director Steven Spielberg really thought out of the box in this awesome and sometimes bizarre world. Even though it's not one of his most memorable works is still a decent movie. It's about a highly advanced robotic boy who wants to be "real" so that he can regain the love of his mother. Think of it as a cyber Pinocchio.

7. Total Recall

"Total recall"
"Total recall"

Seventh place goes to Total Recall, again, not the horrible remake with Collin Farrell but the classic one with Arnold. This movie was great and got everybody wondering: Where did we really cross the line of reality and fiction, or was there ever a line? Even if Arnold's acting was sometimes a bit off, the story for this cyberpunk action movie is great and has some nice visual effects for the time. We all remember that scene with the fat lady.

8. I, Robot

"I, robot"
"I, robot"

Number eight goes to I, Robot, though not a great film it's still a fun adventure about a robot dealing with feelings and a cop trying to prove that robots are not capable of feeling. Though I'm sure some people are still waiting for the sequel, the movie wraps up pretty nicely and has some nice action in it. A great option to kill some time.

9. Robocop

Number nine is Robocop. The original Robocop was great. It was so filled with violence that it kept getting an "X" rating, it was only after a few editing sessions that the movie got its "R" rating, but you can still catch the original cut in BluRay today!

10. Metropolis (2001)

"Metropolis" 2001
"Metropolis" 2001

And last but not least number ten goes to Metropolis. This 2001 anime reimagining of the classic 1927 film does exactly what the original did, but in anime form, and has a much more advanced and beautiful city. One of the things I love about this movie is the city itself. They present the city to you as if it were another character, if not the main character of the movie. Alleyways, tall buildings, moving signs, you name it, they show it in glorious fluid anime.

Well, that wraps up my 10 films every cyberpunk fan should see. What's your favorite cyberpunk movie? Have you seen any of the movies on this list? Let me know in the comments below, I am always happy to read and reply to all comments. Thanks for reading and like always have a good one!


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