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We all love a good selfie and apparently some ghostly figures out there do too. For people who believe in ghosts (like me) we believe that they are among us everywhere we go. Some people have had experiences more than others, and if you have had the "pleasure" of having a ghostly encounter you are amongst the few ones. In the most part, people that have reported an encounter with a ghost, are usually tie to them some how, mostly family members or friends that have past on to a better life, while others have reported experiences in different places that range from cemeteries, hotels, out doors and even encounter them in their own homes. Ghosts usually tend to appear in human form or similar shape, there's also been reports of ghostly animal apparitions, light sources and others. The People in the pictures below have had their fair share of ghostly encounters, most of them look legit while others "might" be Photoshopped, but again you be the judge. If you have a ghostly "selfie" or a ghost related encounter story to tell, please feel free to share it down below in the comment box, don't forget to follow me and remember.. Sweet Screams!!!

Uninvited Picture Guest
Uninvited Picture Guest

So what did you think? Real or Fake?

Source Photos: TheChive


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