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Usually we are used to seeing Vin Diesel taking on iconic tough guy roles and flexing his muscles in thrilling, fast-paced action blockbusters such as Furious 7.

Yet, we all know that the Hollywood muscle man is definitely no one-trick pony and is in possession of myriad of extraordinary talents. Singing being one of them, in particular.

Sharing his videos with the world on his Facebook, it's always a joy to stumble upon Vin's heartfelt vocals, whether it be his rendition of Rihanna's "Stay" or an emotional Sam Smith ballad.

For a gentle reminder of the little slice of heaven that was his cover of "Stay With Me," take a look at the short clip below:

It's sensational! Who would have thought that our leading man also possessed the voice of absolute natural wonder?

Naturally, with the build up to Valentine's Day, we expected a new singing video and this great man did not disappoint.

Stepping on stage with his personal version of Maroon 5's "My Heart Is Open," he smashes those deep gravelly low notes and even sings Gwen Stefani's parts!

Just look at his determination and facial expressions! The emotional intensity is unreal!

His good soul simply shines through with every riff and key change! I'm mesmerized!

Dive right in and check out the emotional rendition in full below:

He's absolutely killing it with those high notes. Go Vin! Not only are you a bad-ass on-screen, but you're also an absolute sensation when it comes to rocking the stage!

And do you guys know what the best bit is?

Love it or loathe it, the Hollywood star just does not care. Vin just keeps singing and singing and sharing the love as he pours his heart out to his fans. Keep on making us happy Big Guy, and rest assured, the world will always be there to listen to your unique vocal stylings!

Your friend Paul would be very proud, I'm sure!


What do you think of Vin's singing?



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