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Now, when it comes to huge, superhero movie-dom-shattering announcements, no-one does it better than Marvel Studios. With the comic-book-adapting powerhouse's most recent reveal, though, Sony was allowed to join in on the fun - with the two companies finally announcing that a deal to bring Spider-Man to the MCU had been struck.

And so, the wait for 2016's Captain America: Civil War - in which Spidey is expected to make his first MCU appearance - just got even harder. Which, seeing as it's already set to feature Iron Man and Captain America fighting each other for the very spirit of America, is pretty darned impressive.

It also, though, makes a cruelly long wait seem even harder to cope with - especially since there's no guarantee we'll get any glimpse of MCU Spider-Man until after the opening credits of Civil War start to roll...

What's a devoted Marvel fan to do in the mean-time, then?

Well, thankfully, there's...

A Ridiculously Awesome (Fan-Made) Spider-Man and The Avengers Teaser Trailer

Created by the Alibiev Brothers, the terrific new fan-made trailer manages to sum up everything we're over-excited about in three simple moves.

1. The Avengers

Even if that excitement is currently - as it is in the video - a little askew, what with our enthusiasm for Spidey's arrival...

2. Spider-Man

Whose arrival is just as fundamentally attention-drawing in real life as it is in the trailer...

And, of course:

3. Spider-Man Helping Out The Avengers

Because YES.

Though you get the feeling that in Civil War he may well only end up helping out one half of the team in the end...

Either way, though? Nicely played, Alibiev Brothers...Nicely played...

What do you guys reckon, though? Are there any other fan-made videos out there that have tickled your excitement-bone as much as that?



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