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Abandon all your rationality and take a look at some of these The Big Bang Theory fan fiction plots. From brain-parasites, male pregnancies, telepathy to alien activity, certain fans of the show have some of the most bizarre ideas ever and IT'S GREAT!

The Parasitic Infestation Hypothesis by YlvaBorealis

Plot: Sheldon isn't quite sure what is happening to him... Even though he is clearly one of the greatest minds of the 21st century, Sheldon's brain is not cooperating with him as usual. All he can seem to think about is Amy Farrah Fowler and his favorite color: emerald green!

Listing out the different symptoms of his current state, he tries to come to a conclusion. Is it schizophrenia or maybe even some kind of brain parasite? Or is it just the pure feeling of love?

Read the plot in full to determine what it is that's making him loopy.

The Male Pregnancy Conundrum by noelia_g

Plot: Belonging to a different species, Sheldon gets knocked up.

noelia_g who wrote this weird tale lets us know the pros and cons of such a bizarre incident occuring:

On the plus side, Sheldon gets to be on the cover of various scientific magazines, and a plethora of not-so-scientific too. He basks in the publicity, although says he'd prefer if it was for his scientific achievement, not the mere fact of existing.
On the downside, Sheldon is moody, fussy, and picky with his food… oh, well, there's really no change, is there.

This is just too bizarre so I'll just leave it for you guys to dissect yourselves. Read it here.

Telepathy by AndyDona.chan

Plot: As Amy starts her scanner, a lighting bolt hits the building. Everyone stood still until the lights came back on a few moments later. Yet, in those seconds Sheldon and Penny's lives were somehow changed...

Are they fine though? Read on to find out.

Sick Day by Daedaleopsis

Plot: Penny discovers a shocking secret about Sheldon. He tells her he is in fact not human and has a talent for mimicry, effortlessly blending into the world around him. Penny realizes that Sheldon is in fact dying but can she help in his final time of need?

Here is the part where he finally tells Penny the true:

Read the rest here.

Weird or what!

What do YOU guys think?


Which is the weirdest story?


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