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While us [American Horror Story](series:206668) fans are still recovering from one hell of a Season 4 finale, we can now finally devote all our attention to the big mystery at hand: What exactly will Season 5 be about?

The theories have been flying thick and fast for the highly anticipated fifth season of the FX show, which is an anthology series, telling a completely new story with all new characters (well, some occasionally return) each season.

This season show creator Ryan Murphy dropped a huge bombshell a few months ago when he revealed that all seasons of the show are connected:

They’re all connected. They’re all very separate but there’s clues every season... There are purposeful connections, character connections, and similarities and things that connect that we’ll continue to connect moving forward.

Furthermore Murphy confirmed that a reoccurring motif in Season 4, the top hat, definitely had something to do with Season 5:

That is a big season five clue! It’s an arcane clue, but it’s very purposeful, and it illuminates something that you’ll be like, 'Oh! You dirty b******!'
Maggie's coffee cup in Season 4, episode 4
Maggie's coffee cup in Season 4, episode 4

So, without further ado I have assessed the evidence and, thanks to some very clever people on the internet, gathered what I believe to be the best theories for what Season 5 could possibly be about. Take a look and be sure to tell me your own theories in the comments:

1. Operation Top Hat and Extraterrestrials

This theory is definitely the front runner, with thousands of people jumping on to support the idea that Season 5 will take place around Operation Top Hat, the secret U.S. Army exercise for the Chemical Corps, and also possibly around the theme of aliens and government cover ups in the 1950s.

There are a lot of clues pointing to this one in Season 4, Freak Show as Redditor ace_VXIII pointed out:

  • Jupiter: the name of the town in Freak Show, could reference the planet but also the the Roman God whose symbol was the eagle, much like the USA.
  • Mars: Elsa's surname in Freak Show. Also referencing space as well as the Roman God who was the God of War.
  • Rocket Ships: Seen in multiple places in the season from the Freak Show stage to toy stores, could it have something to do with space/UFOs or aliens?
  • Mushroom Clouds: There were posters seen behind Jimmy at a Tupperware party, could reference the ongoings of Operation Top Hat?
  • UFOs: At the same Tupperware party there is a chandelier that resembles a UFO.
  • Army and Military: Ethel talks about Jimmy always wanting to dress as a soldier for Halloween.
  • New Mexico: Ryan Murphy was scouting for locations in New Mexico before Freak Show, an area which is very connected with government conspiracies and military testings and also UFO crash landings.
  • Aliens: Pepper returned to our screens as a 'prequel' story to her time in Asylum. In Asylum Pepper was abducted by aliens and came back very differently than when she left. Could her inclusion in Season 4 be another clue for Season 5?

Ryan Murphy has ruled out an American Horror Story in Space, but that doesn't mean the space couldn't come to us, perhaps in the form of a UFO crash landing and a government cover up much like Area 51? The Operation Top Hat and Extraterrestrial theory is one that looks like quite solid!

2. Something to do with Lincoln, Nebraska

After Murphy announced that some how the top hat had something to do with Season 5, there has been the idea that it somehow refers to the word Lincoln, due to one of the worlds most famous top hat wearers being former US President Abraham Lincoln. But could the clue go even further and actually mean Lincoln, Nebraska, a city nicknamed the 'star city'? Redditor DavidLovato seems to think so, here are his thoughts:

  • New Location: All four seasons of AHS have taken place in coastal areas, Season 5 will be radically different, why not in Nebraska which is far from coastal?
  • Cornfields: Nebraska is full of cornfields and what takes place in cornfields? Horror films of course! Children of the Corn, Signs and Jeepers Creepers.
  • Great Setting: As DavidLovato says Nebraska has a lot of space and not so many people, there are a lot of settings like camp grounds, or perhaps something to do with the Native American Otoe tribe who were very prominent in Nebraska.
  • Famous People from Lincoln: AHS often bases or draws inspiration from real people, famous people from Lincoln include; Nancy Andreasen (pioneer of Schizophrenia research), Charles Starkweather and Caril Fugate, (two teens who went on a statewide murder spree), John Ramsey (father of murdered pageant star JonBenet Ramsey), Brandon Teena (murdered transgender teen who was played by AHS star Chloe Sevigny in the film Boys Don't Cry)

3. Based on Magicians or Houdini

Of course, the first image that a top hat conjures for many people is a magician, perhaps that Season 5 will be set in New York during Houdini's era. Redditor megdonalds believes that Season 5 will revolved around magic, and laid down some pretty good arguments for her case:

  • Top Hats: the most obvious clue, seen numerous times
  • Carefully Chosen Words: Dell tell's Ethel's doctor that he has "magic fingers" while Maggie called Stanley a 'poof,' yes this referred to Stanley being gay, but could it also be referring to magicians disappearing in poof of smoke? Also in episode 5, Dandy takes Andy to the woods, he tells him to undress, count to three, and “see what kind of magic happens.”
  • NY Yankees Reference: Stanley tells Jimmy "it ain't Mickey Mantle." Mantle famously played for the New York Yankees, could the show be headed there?
  • Sawing Women in Half: Dandy and later Chester both performed some magic in Freak Show but could this just be a taster of what Season 5 will bring?
  • Fortune Teller Maggie: In Houdini's later years, he was obsessed with debunking spiritualists and psychics.

This theory is quite fun, though I admit it does seem the most unlikely seeing as the back half of Season 4 did have a slightly bigger focus on magic, especially with the arrival of Chester, though he was mainly a ventriloquist.

So there you have it, my top three theories for what Season 5 of American Horror Story could possibly bring us. Personally I really hope that it centers around Operation Top Hat and some alien conspiracies, i think it would be totally fun and completely in line with what AHS does best. What about you, do you agree with any of these ideas or not?

What theory do you like best? Tell me what you think Below!

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