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I'm a guy who loves watching TV and movies. Follow me on twitter at @BrianJMedina has come across some audition tapes that offers new information surrounding the premiere of CBS's highly anticipated Supergirl. The tapes sheds more light on Kara's first villain, The Lumberjack, it also confirms that Superman will have a role on the show, as well as offering details on his current stance with the government, and information on Kara's Kryptonian parents, and her foster sister, Alex.

Kara Bids Farewell

Kara will bid farewell to her parents, Alura and Zor-El, before she gets launched off to space. Zor-El will inform Kara that the ship is set to travel to Earth, while her mother will assure that trip won't feel long because she'll be asleep through most of it.

Kara's mother, Alura.
Kara's mother, Alura.

Kara will be discouraged from using her powers on Earth, with no support from those around her. While Alura will not appear in the present to encourage her daughter, it appears that she may play a key role in helping her daughter to embrace her powers. Alura will be the one to reveal to Kara that she will have great powers on Earth, and with it, "[she'll] be able to do extraordinary things."

Kara leaves Krypton before it explodes, but before leaving, she promises her parents that she will do everything in her power to help her cousin, Kal-El.

Not A 'Super' Fan

Superman saving a woman from a barrage of bullets.
Superman saving a woman from a barrage of bullets.

It is revealed in a conversation between Alex Danvers (Kara's foster sister), and her superior, Agent Hank Henshaw. that Kal-El, better known to society as Superman, will already be established as Earth's hero. There will be many who will appreciate and embrace Superman, and there will be those who oppose him. It appears that the government has communicated with him in order to "train" him (or control him), but Superman declined such offers, which will place him at odds with the United States government.

The Lumberjacks is not so 'Lumber'

When it was announced that The Lumberjack would be Supergirl's first adversary, audiences were left confused as to who this character was. New information reveals that The Lumberjack will be an alien, tasked with eradicating Supergirl from the equation.

It appears that Supergirl's heroics will catch the attention of "The General," and feel threatened enough to have her killed. From the sounds of it, Superman may have played a role in messing things up for "The General," and having another super powered alien, doesn't sound like a good idea. Is it possible that "The General," may be referring to General Zod? Will Zod be the big bad of season one?


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