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Now, when it comes to birthday parties, everyone has a different style, and a unique set of tastes. Some people like quiet, mellow evenings at home with a few close friends, while others like raging house parties with a hundred or so close strangers. Depending on the night, either way - or a thousand other variations in between - can be awesome.

If you're a celebrity, though, you have the option to take a third path. A path down the epic, adventure-lined road of completely insane party-throwing, featuring all kinds of awesome, epic entertainment.

The following are five of the craziest...

5. P. Diddy's 40th Birthday Had Its Own Fashion Show

The bash - which cost over $3 million dollars - was held at New York's Plaza hotel - and featured not only a fashion show, but a maze, ballerinas handing out drinks, a performance from soul-legend Al Green, and $18,000 worth of white orchids.

No wonder P. Diddy reportedly had his first hangover in five years the morning after...

4. Kim and Kanye Gave North a Music Festival

Yup, that's right - Kim and Kanye threw North a 1st birthday party most adults would kill for - a junior version of the music festival Coachella, aptly dubbed 'Kidchella'.

The party featured a musical performance by North's aunts Kendall and Kylie Jenner, a ferris wheel, Jaden Smith dancing to Rihanna's We Found Love and a tie die cake.

All of which North will have absolutely no memory of when she grows up.

3. Miley Cyrus Had a Very Special Guest At Her 21st Birthday

Yup, that's right, Miley's 21st birthday not only featured party hats, strippers and a whole lot of champagne - but beloved children's character The Lorax showed up too.

Y'know, just because.

2. Pharrell Williams Really Loves SpongeBob

So much so, in fact, that his 41st birthday party featured a giant cake topped by Mr Squarepants himself (and his buddy Patrick).

Oh, and actors dressed up as the characters from the show, just hanging around.

The craziest thing about that, though? Pharrell Williams is 41. How is that a thing?

And, finally, my personal favorite...

1. Simon Cowell's 50th Birthday Got Kind of Weird

And, by weird, I mean wallpaper featuring Cowell's face adorned with devil horns, framed photos of the pop impresario in every toilet stall, and a 60 foot projection of Cowell on the wall.

Oh, and waiters wearing Simon Cowell masks.

And you thought your cousin's party where he did the Conga for two hours straight was weird...

What do you guys think, though? Which awesomely crazy parties have I missed?

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