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Lex Luthor wasn't always the big corporation kind of guy. There was a time when Lex Luthor was the kind of evil criminal that didn't bother pretending to be otherwise. In fact, you can look at LexCorp as the kind of false front that becomes so successful it becomes the full time job. Like if Tony Soprano got so successful at waste management, he decided to give up on those other hobbies.

LexCorp: The Next Generation

The Lex Luthor we'll be seeing in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870) definitely seems to be the most modern of versions to grace the big screen or the comic book pages. According to these rumors, this Lex Luthor will be a guy who grew up on the streets, became a self-made millionaire and now runs LexCorp like it's the biggest competition to Google and Microsoft.

This Lex Luthor may or may not start out the movie with a full head of hair and he may or may not have a full arm sleeve tat of the Metropolis skyline but chances are good that his LexCorp will be a powerful tool for Lex and thing to reckon with for Batman and Superman. And seeing as LexCorp and Wayne Enterprises are both big enough to be rubbing shoulders against each other, this guy may be a pain in Bruce Wayne's neck for more than one reason.

The Long Arm of LexCorp

In keeping with the modern spirit of things, as the guy who runs a hugely powerful corporation, Lex Luthor is said to be having close ties to the worlds of politics and media and may even be encroaching on the activities of the Daily Planet. In the comics, LexCorp even used to share a building with the newspaper - will Lex be trying to buy out the Daily Planet to further his anti-Superman propaganda agenda?

Having the resources and power of LexCorp will likely allow Lex Luthor to do all sorts of Kryptonian experiments in the corporation's laboratories. It's possible that LexCorp may even be contracted by the government to study the remains of Zod and what is left over from his invasion as well as being in charge of studying this new Metahuman phenomena. Indeed we have to ask...

What Kind of Evil is LexCorp Brewing?

With Michael Shannon all but confirmed to be returning in some form or another for Batman v Superman, and numerous reports - including some leaked info from an extra on the set of the movie that spotted Zod's body in the LexCorp lab, don't be surprised if we see Zombie Zod take the form of Doomsday in the movie.

The Doomsday rumors seem the most solid of all of them, but there's been a buzz surrounding Metallo for the early going as well. It would seem Lex Luthor has definitely gotten his hands on some Kryptonite and that could lead to any number of nasty creations to use in his grudge against Superman. The second best guess would be Metallo and the possibility that he might turn some poor guy who was wounded in the fallout from the battle against Zod into a revenge seeking monster.

Let's hope that we'll see the first trailer for Batman v Superman soon - the word on the internets has long been for a February debut (Oscar bets, anyone?). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we won't have to wait until May to see it attached to Mad Max: Fury Road.


Would you ever work for LexCorp?


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