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When it comes to analysing the world of video games, there are some very distinct traits that we associate with the likes of Western and Eastern games. In the West, our titles are more concerned with allowing the player to shape the outcome of the game when it comes to RPGs and the like. This is rarely seen in the likes of JRPGs.

GTA V ending spoiler ahead!

This trend is becoming more and more popular and we've seen it transition from the land of RPGs into the likes of Modern shooters and now even GTA V has its choice elements. At the conclusion of the game, Franklin is tasked with making one of three choices: kill Trevor, kill Michael or go on a suicidal mission with all three and take down everyone threatening their lives.


GTA 6 & Player Choice

GTA V wasn't exactly filled with moments where the player could decide the outcome, and I actually felt like this concluding option was a bit tacked onto an ending that felt rushed and too abrupt. But what if Rockstar were to incorporate more of these choice elements into GTA 6 on its release date for PC, Xbox One and PS4?

Of course, GTA V gave us the freedom (most of the time) to swap between three characters during missions, allowing us to take control of who we wanted and who we thought had the better gameplay at that time. But personally I'd love to see Rockstar include even more dynamic choices that players could make throughout the entire campaign that they have lined up for GTA 6.

What characters will be in GTA 6?!
What characters will be in GTA 6?!

Rockstar have yet to announce a release date for an upcoming game in 2015. They've had one major release every year for quite a while, with 2014 featuring the wondrous remastering of GTA V for Xbox One and PS4. Surely the PC release of this title is not all that they have lined up for this year. So could we see Rockstar include more player choices in their next game (Red Dead Redemption 2)?

So gamers, what did you think of Rockstar's choices at the end of GTA V? Do you feel that they were rushed or unsatisfactory, or would like to see more of these moments included in all of their upcoming titles?

More FP Madness in GTA 6 please!
More FP Madness in GTA 6 please!

GTA 6 is almost definitely not what Rockstar are working on next, though they have spoken about the fact that they have a whole bunch of ideas for where the series could go. Perhaps their next title will tell us a lot about whether player choice elements are becoming even bigger within the industry.

But here's hoping that on its release date for the PC, Xbox One and PS4 we see more than one city that we can visit, a whole host of new characters and I personally would love to see it set in a city outside of North America again! Let us know what you think in the comments gamers!


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