ByBlake Thurlow, writer at

So the final installment in the Resident Evil franchise is due to release next year (2016). With appearances from Jill valentine,Chris redfield his sister Claire and the original villain from the game ? ALBERT WESKER !! I can tell you that during the film there will be an epic battle which runs throughout a good part of the film before it ends up back to where it all started in the 1st film...the huge dark creepy mansion but more specifically umbrellas secret underground testing facility aka the hive.

I don't know a great deal about this film but I'm really excited for its release next year,I really enjoyed the 1st 2 wasn't too impressed with the following films if I'm honest, I'm a huge zombie fan which is why I love the first 2 I'm not a big fan on super powers and mutated beasts which is the reason why I felt let down on the others. I really hope that Resident Evil the final chapter brings it back to the zombies and the red queen with the creepy small rooms which keep you sitting on the edge of your seat with sweaty palms waiting for the next jump scare.


Alice - Milla Jovovich

The red queen - Megan Charpentier

Jill Valentine - Sienna Guillary

Leon Kennedy - Johann Urb

Ada Wong - Li Bingbing

Albert Wesker - Shawn Roberts

Chris Redfield - Wentworth Miller

Claire Redfield - Ali Larter


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