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Once again my topic of choice is Disney!

This time we have a style of photography that I thought would make any little girl's (or adult's) fantasies - who is a fan of Fairytales - seem more realistic to them!

Dressing as a Princess is something almost every child loves to do, not just on Halloween, but daily! I have been to my friend's houses and their little girls have changed outfits half a dozen times in 3 hours pretending to be a princess!

However, I was never into the princess thing, I found it "too girly" when I was a kid, I was more of a comic fanatic. After going through a few pages, trying to find something new to add to my business, I saw these photos by Elly and thought "Hey! This would make an awesome photo shoot! Either for kids, adults even pets (if you're into that) ... can frame it, stick it on a wall, get prints, whatever!"

So who is this "Elly" I am talking about and where are the pictures?

Well, Elly is a freelance multimedia artist/designer. She is a lover of animated films, 2D and 3D. She has traveled to 19 countries, takes photo's and makes art! These pictures I found on her on tumblr, but this is her link!

I love this because it's not only dressing up; Elly had used chalk and drawn pieces from each fairy tale to go with the costume and "acted" as that character!

1. Alice in Wonderland

So we have the bottle that "Alice" drank and began to shrink ... By drawing the bottle in chalk bigger than herself, she was able to re-create the shrinking effect! The facial expressions and layout really add to the image as well.

2. Sleeping Beauty

The little bed is a perfect touch to re-create this piece, along with the flowing curtain. Again, but going in character, Elly has been able to show the the effect of laying on a bed asleep!

3. Meg from Hercules

The outfit choice is suitable here as well as the background and iconic pose!

4. Jasmine from Aladdin

Although I would have had "bigger" hair in this photo, she is able to capture the view from the magic carpet! Personally, I think I would have made the carpet higher than the town itself and maybe added a little bit of "hover" effect with the chalk, but this is still a great piece!

5. Jane from Tarzan

When I first saw this one, I was surprised that Jane was used. Many pieces of art that I come by don't usually have her included, when I actually have her as one of my top picks in my favorite list! I love how Elly has created the effect of sitting on a rock, and the trees, birds and leaves drawn do add a jungle theme!

6. Cinderella

Being able to act the part really gives this photo the special step it needs for Cinderella. By having the shocked reaction on her face, losing the shoe was the least to her worries! I think however, I would have added the little mouse on the far right side.

7. Wendy

This is one of my favorites from the whole collection. Again, the layout gives the flying effect and her expression shows how exciting "flying" must be!

8. Tinkerbell

Again, this one is in my top 3 favorite pile! I think that adding the "dust" glow around the wings of this photo is exceptional and a great way to show the magical side of a fairy. By making the flowers big, she also shows how tiny Tinkerbell actually is.

9. Pocahontas

Pocahontas has to be my favorite character anyway, and I think she recreates one of my favorite moments perfectly here. With the leaves blowing away, her hair and the little bit of "wind," she does another incredible job!

10. Mulan

Lastly we have Mulan showing off her skills with her tiny dragon pal Mushu. Once again, the acting of the part gives the photo more of a realistic view.

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My top three are Wendy, Tink and Pocahontas.

I think she has done a marvelous job recreating these characters and their backgrounds. Photography is something I really admire, especially when the artist takes time to plan it all out and works with every aspect.

What do you guys think? Who else would have you liked to have seen? Tell me in the comments!


Which was your favorite?


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