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Hey everybody. I have been looking forward to the "fifty shades of grey" movie so much I´ve been following a lot of the media around it. (I was one of the girls that stayed awake here in Norway to catch it when they announced who got the leading roles and such)

One of the things that got my attention has been these "protests" against this movie/ the books. These people make it seem like this book was made intentionally harmful.

I feel like the book is an option, nobody forced you to read that book. Nobody is forcing you to watch the movie. You are choosing it.

People have a thing about making everything into a major problem, even if it´s not made to provoke in that sense. Manipulative, stalking - things that have been said about these books are endless. The thing I´m thinking at the time is ; Have you thought about the fact that even bad publicity is publicity? The people that feel so strongly about this are basically telling people how bad it is. If it´s because of female rights, or if it´s abuse victims - they are making a bunch of people curious about this. I read the books because of all the good reviews, and honestly I loved it!

It´s an epic lovestory, and it´s out of the ordinary. (Yes it is at times really pushy, and yes its a poisonous relationship)

I respect the people that don´t think the content is ok, and I´m sorry if you feel like the books are not for you. The thing is that you are only making yourself miserable fighting with the die-hard fans of this series. This is like twilight, everybody is going to have an opinion. Why not just lay back, and just let it go where it´s supposed to go?

Somebody loves it, somebody hates it - isn´t that just normal?


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