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Daniel Gallagher

For starts this my first review so be helpful if have done something wrong or not ok lets get started. Arrow 3,13 was a great episode i will start with my top 3 positives. i wont put any negatives down cause i cant think at the top of my head what i would have changed yous can tell what yous would have charged i will see if i agree or diagree

3. this was a strong episode for laurel but the moment with her and her father was good for one his reaction to Sara's death and he didn't have a heart attack two he did not rip off laurels head straight away when she told him.

2. Roy standing his ground and standing up for Thea when Oliver was telling Thea to leave the cave. It show us that when Oliver was gone that Roy and the team had to change there ways about going about things and that has helped Roy become stronger not as the Arsenal but as Roy

1. This was an unpredictable moment in my mind cause we did not know how Thea would react and how Oliver would react Thea's reaction but it was fantastic it is probably my favorite moment in arrow so far.


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